Can You Believe I Got Lucky?

I saw my GP this week, armed with documents re difficulties in diagnosing and treating B12 deficiency. I marched into his room, put the file down on his desk and immediately told him I had been so ill with the symptoms of B12 deficiency that I'd had no choice other than to self-inject with hydroxocobalamin. I was expecting an argument, but he just asked me if this had worked and had the symptoms gone and when I said they had, he replied that if I could manage this myself he was all in favour of me carrying on and I wouldn't have to go to his rooms for a monthly injection. I could hardly believe my luck! As I got up to go, he asked me if he could keep the document I had printed out. I must say he is a very clued up doctor, so I was more than impressed that he wanted the document to see if there was anything in there he might no actually know. I know not everybody gets this lucky and I have found that self-treating can be hugely expensive, but at least I'm alive and feel so much better now.

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  • Yeah! That's great.

    Any chance your doc could prescribe the HydroxoCB to help with the costs?

  • That's a good question, fbirder! I will ask next time I see him.

  • Hey, that is such wonderful news! Well done. Isn't it such a relief to find someone who is at least mildly supportive. You give us all encouragement to hear this story.

  • they sure don't mate. and well done you. when my serum levels came back 'normal' my GP said ''well we can count that one out' (i had classic symptoms). when i mentioned that may have lots of b12 in my blood stream, but not enough in my cells/tissues, she commented ''i'v never heard of that''. i was too exhausted and brain fogged to explain.

  • Agreed, hidihi. I've been suffering from B12 deficiency symptoms for the best part of 4 years. I changed doctors, but that didn't help much. Both ignored the symptoms and went by the blood test results instead. Seems to me that they just can't think outside the square.

  • Can anyone tell me where it's best and safest to buy the HydroxoBC

  • So lovely to hear about your treatment and hope this is the start of better health for you!

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