Hope for us all

I went to my GP yesterday as I am due my first 12 week B12 injection after my loading doses. I told him that the injections had helped the burning in my legs and asked him if I could have the injection every 8 weeks. His response was "I have a lady who has them every month if you would like to try that" . You could have knocked me down with a feather! Especially after I asked my fathers ( whos neurological symptoms are severe) GP at the same surgery and was refused a few weeks ago

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  • Well done you! Lets be thankful that at least one person is getting the treatment we all should

  • That's great. Let's hope he tells all his GP friends.

  • Raise a glass to this x

  • I'm so pleased for you Debbie! How bizarre that your father can't get good treatment at the same practise-All the very best.

  • Yea! Maybe Dad will have to change Doctors!

  • His GP has been brilliant in every other way He has just had scan colonoscopy faecal and blood tests and seen a gastroenterologist, all done within 3 weeks of seeing her. mine has taken 13 months for the same. Swings and roundabouts :-(

  • I guess it is just a matter of being an advocate for your Dad. Good luck.

  • Wow, like fbirder I hope he tells his colleagues.

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