is this the correct viles ?

could anyone set my mind at rest before i complete my order, are these the right viles of b12 i need to self inject?

sorry to keep asking but i want to get it right,

Vitamin B12 METHYLCOBALAMIN 20mg: Sterile Diluent 5ml: Ideal for Self-Administration via Injection/Sublingual Dropper/Nasal Spray: Each pack contains 5 vials of B12 and 5 pods of sterile diluent

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  • YOu seem to have 20 mg of Methyl in total divided into 5 vials. This means you have 4mg i each vial.

  • Sorry, the message was sent accidentally. 4 mg is very high for one injection. It is usual to take 1mg for an injection. I don't know how large your vials with the Methyl are. You need only 1Mg per injection. Strong dilutions are more suitable as nasal sprays or sub-lingual. Don't know if this will help you All the best anyhow.

  • To ill keep looking x

  • I recognise the wording of this ad as I buy from the same company.

    The ad is for 5 injections each of 20mg.

    Wedgwood is right. Common convention in our part of the world is to have a 1mg/2mg injection. When you go to other parts of the world larger doses are common though. Personally I inject 5mg per week and that keeps me peachy :-)

    The same firm also do 1mg,5mg and 10mg so you can take your pic.

    Hope that helps. Enjoy your Sunday

  • Ty

  • I've found the 5th ones so ill give them a try. Have a good day x

  • 5mg sorry predictive text !

  • You're welcome.

    How new are you to self administration? Have you been through the loading process yet?

  • Not self administrated at all yet but doctor won't budge on 1st eek so needs must.

  • 12 week

  • Good luck with it all.

    Once you take that step and start doing it for yourself you'll wonder why it took you so long. I know it made a HUGE difference in my life.

  • Ty for your support and kind words. I'm glad you feel good now.

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