Enlarged white blood cells

Hi, I was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency approx 10 years ago, my doctor tells me I have enlarged white blood cell count. Does anyone know if this is linked to pernicious anaemia?

My doctor is semi retired now and I fell that maybe I should change doctors and find another who will investigate this further!

Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

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  • Lack of oxygen can in large your blood cells ... am 40+ and mine are 13%

  • "Enlarged white blood cell count"....... Do you mean enlarged red cells ? or increased white cell count ?

  • I believe it is the red cells that are enlarged with PA. Did he mean a higher level of white blood cells I wonder? If there are more white blood cells it often indicates the body is fighting an infection. Might be worth going back to the surgery to ask for more information, or a repeat blood test. Best wishes MariLiz

  • A low blood count can indicate an iron deficiency; and raised RED cell count ESR - CRP can indicate inflammation and lack of blood oxygen . A low B12 count could suggest PA. My B12 was 130, - out of (180 - 900) My blood count was less than 10. - should be about 15+.. PV was 2.22 (150 - 172) high - (sticky blood)

    The problem ;;; Stiff joints, lack of energy ;; Fatigue and aching all over.

    just completed my 6, Vit, B12 loading injections; already seen some improvement in mobility; but realise I have a long way to recovery; more of a Marathon than a sprint.

  • Enlarged red blood cells are called macrocytes and are a warning sign that b12 deficiency may be present. Doctors usually order a serum blood test to ascertain whether deficiency is present. Once you have been treated for b12 deficiency and usually also with folate this test is useless as the enlarged cells will have normalised and therefore cannot act as an indicator of deficiency. There are other tests that may or may not indicate whether deficiency is present, they are mostly not that reliable except in combination. Read as much as you can here or go to the PAS or b12d.org websites to learn more. Don't take it lightly, it's a deficiency that can creep up on you and leave you feeling very wretched and unwell without the right treatment.

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