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B12 on holiday


I'm off to Cape Town in September (from Heathrow).

I'm going to take my b12, syringes and needles, I thought syringes in suitcase but b12 in cabin bag cos I assume it would be too cold in the hold? Has anyone taken b12 etc on a plane?

Do you have to tell anyone (at airport)?

I don't have a prescription for b12 as Dr's taken me off as I SI.

Any problems that I should be aware of please?

Also, has anyone been able to find a travel sharps bin, don't want to take my large one. When I go away for a weekend, I take a large tablet bottle with child proof top.

Thank you

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There have been regulations in place for a number of years about carrying sharps and also about carrying liquids on some airlines. Suggest that you contact either the airline or your travel agent and see what advice they can give.

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Ok thanks


I travelled to Asia in March of this year with ampoules and sharps. Neither should be carried in hand luggage, and the will be fine in the hold. I kept mine in a small box in the middle of my bag and wrapped in a roll of tee shirts. I was away for several weeks, the b12 worked fine and no problems. You will either need a sharps bin if you inject yourself, or to find a doctor/reputable clinic if not. I did the latter, found a small private hospital who administered shots for a tiny charge, with taxi and treatment ( they wouldn't use my slightly crumpled looking packs of sharps and syringes) it cost me less that one way only taxi here to see my practice nurse. The nurses there were far gentler the shots never stung, and I didn't feel like I'd been harpooned! Good luck, and have a great break.

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