Thinking of starting B12 supplements, has anyone got any advice?

Hi there peeps, I'm going someone can give me advice on where to begin when looking at supplementing B12 myself. Oct last year B12 was 266 (200-680).

April this year my doc suggested 3 x B12 shots within a week of each other. I did notice a bitter energy however it was quite short lived. So thinking perhaps if I was to continue supplementing I will feel more of an improvement.

Has anyone any advice? Such as which make, how much, and where to purchase? Also an idea of costs?

Thanks very much ☺️

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  • My B12 was 317. Lots of neurological symptoms. GP said she is not allowed to treat unless under 200. And my GP is very good. Started taking methylcobalamin 5000 micrograms, sublingual, about 6 weeks ago. Wasn't absorbing the tablet when I was swallowing them. Slowly beginning to feel better. got them on Amazon.

  • Hi PoDundee.

    I'm glad you are feeling better on SL tablets. I've also found Jarrows 5000mcg. from Amazon very effective - good reviews for neurological symptoms.

    Your GP may be very good but she is not following the latest guidelines and research on B12 def. with neurological symptoms! Don't hesitate to go back if you relapse, as 317 is still low and, as you probably know, deficiencies begin to appear in the cerebral spinal cord below 550 pg/ml and there is a short window of opportunity before symptoms become permanent.

  • Hi Polaris, do you have any recommendations on supplementation? I'm just looking into it all atm.


  • Hi YingYang

    Sorry, I meant to come back and then got distracted. I was wondering if you were still having injections from your doctor and how frequently? Your B12 was very low and, if you are experiencing neurological symptoms, they should be continued according to the latest guidelines and research on this site.

    My sister had severe B12 def. neurological symptoms and she's now having monthly injections, as well as supplementing with Jarrows methylcobalamin 5000 mcg. taken sublingually. This seems to be helping any remaining symptoms of tingling, glossitis, etc. It's available from Amazon and they also do 1,000 and 10,000 mcg - good reviews from others re. relief of neuro symptoms. Others on this site find nasal and oral sprays, patches etc. work for them.

    I notice you also have thyroid problems and are having coeliac tests, so it may well be you have an absorption problem. I've found avoiding gluten has helped my thyroid, as well as IBS and stomach problems.

    I hope all goes well for you.

  • Hi YingYang

    Just noticed that someone else on this site has just posted this useful new link for buying extra B12 for injections :

    Had time now to read your profile and it certainly does look like you have many serious symptoms of B12 deficiency. Re the abnormal gynae tests, I thought you'd be interested in the following film, where this is mentioned:

  • Hi Polaris, thank you so much for your input and advice! I really do appreciate it ☺️

    Thank you for taking the time to reply and for reading my profile.

    I had 3 x B12 injections Within the week at the end of April and nothing's since. She basically said that would be it and I need to increase red meats and leafy greens. She said my iron was a little low and gave me 5mg of folic acid to take one weekly. She also said my calcium was on the low side (no results for these) so hence the reason I was looking at how I can boost everything. I will look at your links later tonight when I get a moment. I don't think I could manage to do the self injecting B12, of needles.

    I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss the results of the coeliac test and the adrenal tests. Looking forward to seeing what's happening there.

    I do plan on going gluten free as soon as I know my results.

    Im glad your sisters had luck with her supplements and that going gluten free made a difference for you too!

    I'm really hoping that when I start these changes I will see improvements. (I've been holding fire waiting for the results invade there was a problem with them)

    I feel like everything is taking so long tho 😳

    Thanks for you help ☺️ X

  • Good luck with your appointment tomorrow, when I hope all will become clearer for you.

    I tried to order on the new link above but they are out of stock of methylcobalamin. You can use their B12 to take sublingually or as a nasal spray, not just for injections. I thought I would try it when it's available.

  • Thank you Polaris ☺️

    I hope I get some answers, it would be nice! Although shall wait and see, may be another trip back to GP.

    Okay k feel a bit silly not sure what u mean by sublingually, does that mean swallowing? I think I'd have more chance of seeing it thru if it was orally or nasal stay so shall look into that.

    Can I ask if and what other supplements you take? is methylacolbalamin a kind of B12?

  • This link explains the different forms of B12 quite well:

    As well as injections, B12 can be taken in liquid drops or tablets dissolved under the tongue (sublingual). In this way, it is absorbed straight into the blood, as is nasal or oral spray.

    I also take 'Higher Nature' Advanced Nutrition Complex (multivits and minerals) - (B vitamins work better synergistically), Vit D3 + K2, Vit C and spirulina.

  • Oh wow, it's a blooming minefield isn't it! Just as I think I'm getting my head round something to do with my health I open a can of worms lol

    Thanks for all your help, you've been a star and given me some great info, now to digest it all ☺️ X

  • You're very welcome.

    Just another thought re, calcium above, if you do take extra calcium or high dose vitamin d3, v. Important to take it with Vit K2, which makes sure it goes to your bones and not blood, arteries or tissues.

    Good luck

  • Oh okay, thanks for that! I've had a look so am definitely thinking of getting the B12, thinking maybe the 5000 one to begin with. Also want to look at something to boost my ferritin/folate. (Next to investigate) as doc gave me 5mg folic acid, but have noticed zilch.

    I do intent on vit C and calcium too (Next t investigate too) lol

    Had my results and coeliac test negative (no answers there)

    Think it will be a case of being my own doctor now lol

    Thanks again great to have your advice. ☺️

  • Has anyone actually used this company? Are they OK?

  • Yep just wondering about this as the poster is new- cynical I know

  • Quite right - it's best to err on the side of caution - there seem to be a lot more scams around these days - such a shame that it's difficult to trust things any more.

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