Help With Blue Horizon Results

Help With Blue Horizon Results

I hope someone will comment on my latest results, shown as an attachment. My previous results below lead me to have these further tests on the advice of some members of this forum

B12 244 pmol/L range 142-725

Folate 1183 nmol/L range 158-1099

Intrinsic Factor Antibodies Negative

Active B12 63 pmol/L range 25.1 - 165.0

It looks ok to me, but then I would have though this of the above results if I had not posted them.

Many thanks

See below

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  • Afraid I can't make out anything even if I zoom my browser to the maximum.

    If possible, upload the image to a site such as Dropbox and post a link to it.

  • good thinking


    Link to my fuzzy image in previous post


    This looks useful. I'm no expert, but if you go to the bottom of table 2 it shows transferrin saturation is up in untreated PA, which also fits with the high MCH.

  • This is a really good link- thanks. I had a really high transferrin saturation when I was diagnosed B12 deficient and thought this was linked to it in some way as it came down after treatment. I had tried finding a possible link but couldn't find one online- so thanks!!

  • All these results seem pretty normal apart from raised transferrin saturation and MCH. Did you supplement before them as this will have skewed them?

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