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Stomach/Chest Pain & Coughing Blood

Hi everyone,

For the past few weeks i've had pain in my stomach (well, I think it's my stomach). It's on my left side. Sometimes it happens within an hour of eating and other times it just happens. I also seem to have really loud, rumbling sounds coming from my abdomen as well, although these don't cause any pain or discomfort. It's just a really strange sensation. I've also had some pain in my chest, again at the left hand side. This can be after eating, but also just randomly. Its a short, sharp pain that takes my breathe away, but only lasts for 3-4 seconds then it's gone. Could this be anything to do with stomach acid and PA?

I know PA can affect the stomach, but i'm not sure in what way or if this could be causing these symptoms.

I've also been spitting up blood, sometimes in the morning or at night after brushing my teeth. I'm not coughing anything up and its not coming from my chest. My gums aren't bleeding and i've been checking this carefully. But blood seems to be coming from my throat, when i'm rinsing my mouth.

Any advise would be appreciated. Are these common symptoms of low b12/PA?

Thanks everyone

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Gosh does not seem to me specifically PA related, something I'd definitely go to GP for! Marre.


Thanks Marre,

Thought i'd try on here first as I know I'll need to wait a couple of weeks for a gp appointment. Will call them tomorrow.


The pain in your chest sounds like acid reflux - I used to get it quite badly in the year between being diagnosed and getting my B12 levels sorted out - and there were one or two occasions when I could only actually relieve it by throwing up - it would leave me bent over double until I did. That could be down to b12

I can also relate to the blood - I suspect that even though it doesn't look as if your gums are bleeding that is actually where the blood is coming from as I did notice that I was spitting out quite a bit of blood but didn't actually notice anything obvious around my gums - but at the height I was also experiencing a lot of problems with my teeth. Have you been to see a dentist?

Possible that corsodyl gel (you can get it from the chemist but you need to ask for it) might help if that is the problem - but I'd be inclined to go and check with the dentist.

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I would agree with Gambit62, that the blood is coming from your gums, you cannot physically see where it is coming form though....you sound as though you are in a panic poor thing, don't be.....May be the left pain is a bit of diverticulitis. I wouldn't say they were common B12 symptoms, but I did get a few bowel problems to start with before I started my injections, I also top up with sublingual about 3 wks before my next jab.

Try not to worry too much, but get to the doctor with a list and tell him you are worried. Get some tests to put your mind at rest, you can't live like this.

I'm sure you will breath a big sigh of relief eventually


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