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"£21m for dementia check?"

This was a 'Pulse' headline. Unfortunately, I can't access what it's about or what DES means:

" £21m for a dementia check? I'll take this one for the team "

"Dr Tony Copperfield on a calculation that makes the dementia DES a lot more palatable."

More :


This research advises testing for potentially reversible syndromes, including B12, before diagnosing dementia, so WHY aren't they doing it?!!! Extract from page 10:

"Potentially reversible syndromes:

- Depression

- Medication induced

- Metabolic derangements

- Vitamin B12 deficiency

- Thyroid disorders

- Thiamine deficiency

- Chronic disease (e.g., renal failure, hepatic failure, malignancy)

- Gastrointestinal disorders

- Whipple’s disease

- Vitamin E deficiency

- Pellagra "

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"GPs record 25% hike in dementia cases since introduction of 'cash for diagnosis' scheme"

I think simple UTIs can be added to your list too, it makes me very sad. J

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Sad and mad Spare Rib ! -Aneurin would be turning in his grave - everything he set up to help people is being dismantled or looked on as a cash cow - NHS, legal aid, pensions.

I'm setting up my Power of Attorney now - Oh guess what, that's skyrocketed too! Best to do it before you need to otherwise it costs even more.

Re. UTI's, gambit has just posted that this is another symptom of B12 deficiency.


Next up :

'In this month’s issue of Pulse, we look at how GPs are set to receive contractual incentives to refer patients at risk of type 2 diabetes for lifestyle advice, and we analyse whether GPs can survive another pay cut '


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