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Why We Are in Such A Mess!


Kicking off steam.

Throughout all of this fiasco we are all met with that pig-ignorant attitude from doctors and civilians alike relating to the fact that B12 deficiency is a blood condition which is put right easily.

Well. Get this. It isn't.

A least unless it's caught early, it isn't.

It's a progressive ultimately fatal illness which causes severe neurological damage - and don't interpret that as being something to do with the mind - it's physical.

But can we get them to understand this? No. We cannot get these highly educated people to even look at the information never mind comprehend it.

The sign of a true idiot - the person who thinks he knows everything.

...and do you know what, I'm sick of trying to talk to idiots. I don't care whether they are doctors or nurses or ex-nurses or landlords or family or anyone else. I'm just sick of it.

This is the level we are talking about here:

Landlady. Educated (?) Foreign but moved to UK many years ago, lived there for decades and lived in France for over a decade.

Loves to tell everyone I'm a hypochondriac and thick.

When writing with regard to England her response to one of my questions was something like

"I don't even know where Yourshire is!"

No, love, and neither do I.

Both the word and spelling is Yorkshire and it's the largest county in England.

This is somebody who loves to tell everyone I don't speak French, who lived in the UK for God knows how long and was in a position of responsibility in the civil service.

HOW!!! HOW!!! Can you get someone like that, and many others like that, to understand what we are saying.

The idiots are in power - and, more to the point, everyone else thinks they are smart!

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Another rant:

The reason I am stuck in this foul position, and the reason I can get accused of all sorts of insanities - which have no foundation whatsoever in reality - the reason is ....


But, no. No one looks at the evidence, no one questions anything for themselves. Hey, and let's not bother with little things like the facts and biochemistry and science.

I've been held to ransom now for nigh on 4 years by a procession of retarded, greedy morons, simply because I said B12 deficiency can result in permanent damage and could I have my muscle problems looked into please, and also, while your at it, find out if this pre-malignant condition has lost the prefix because I can't stop the weight loss. And please, could I have some time off work because running around like an idiot 365 days a year trying to earn enough to keep myself alive, isn't helping matters.

No. To all of the above.

Who have doctors listened to? The morons. The same morons that I was stupid enough to try to help. The morons who, between them, had ME, thyroid, early signs of dementia, diabetes (read metformin) and one, in particular, who I sat watching getting thinner and thinner and losing muscle and the hair turning white and who has recall problems and who has muscle fibrilations - and a whole bunch of other stuff, which just reminded me of me! And what do I get. Ripped off. Money. These greedy parasites are after one thing. Money.

And let's not forget the people who've had heart attacks and strokes - don't bother telling them about homocysteine - they don't 'get it' and they don't care to.

...and not one of these morons (doctors included) were smart enough to bother checking out what I was telling them was correct.

All of this, all because I knew, from the start what this b****** illness can do.

Stuff the 21st century. It's a medical abomination.


Good Rant tho! Made me laugh hahaha. :D


This is what I got from my landlady the other day - bearing in mind she is on Metformin and I tried to warn her about it.

"In your eyes everyone is bad, doctors, hospitals and anyone who is unfortunate enough to come into contact with you.

I have known difficult people in my life but never pure evil because that is what you are. "

Oh and edited to say that the bad doctors comment comes on the tail of me telling her that 3 doctors had done nothing for a pre-malignant condition.

She actually is defending them.

This is someone who accused me of locking all the goats in and making them ill - until I produced a note written by her friend threatening to lock them in.

This is someone who then accused me of not letting them have access to the property, even though they had an email from me setting a date and time and asking for the identification of their builder. And them not turning up. Then turning up the next day an hour early and walking round the garden without knocking on the door! I only knew they were there by accident. Then getting their solicitor to send a letter threatening to take me to court because I had refused them access.

I responded. They said they hadn't been.

How they are saying that they have been but I refused them access.

So they are still at it. I owe them - they have paid for everything!!!! Apart, of course, what they paid for, then charged me for and then claimed it back on their tax.

Now they have called the gendarmerie.

Know what - good.

Because I can't wait to get them to pay the few thousand euros they owe for not declaring their goats for the last decade.


Poor you. Is your landlady a member of a landlord's association if so report her. What a rip off she only seems interested in cash. Has decided to have a go at you as you are poorly and probably not always able fight her. Ignore her.


Two sayings are keeping me going P, especially remembering the sneering look on GP's face after I tried to explain why B12 injections were needed urgently.

Interesting that it finally took a gentle Indian GP to finally understand and give more frequent injections.

"Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you`re right and you know it, speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth". ~Gandhi

'First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you

and then you win" - Gandhi


Good Gandhi quote, Polaris! Did you see Dr Chandy?


No Hillwoman. I was referring to the fight for relative - Dr Chandy too far north, unfortunately, and now banned, I hear, from giving B12 injections?!!

Indian doctors seem to know all about B12 deficiency - so much poverty and many vegans and vegetarians in India.


I think you're right about Indian doctors being very knowledgeable in this area. As I understand it, Dr Chandy has been banned from prescribing vitamins, but not from prescribing pharmaceutical drugs while working as a GP! How insane is that?

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Again, it's all about money and BigPharma....

I have this dream that everyone bombards surgeries with emails, info and guidelines day after day until they get it!

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I've got to, sort of, disagree with you there.

I don't think this is Big Pharma - although I agree that they probably know and, for obvious reasons, don't want it coming out.

If you ever want to speak to a good scientist, phone the advisory service of a pharma company - they employ the best.

But this one is down to doctors and the way they now handle their consulations and their attitude toward patients. It's an appalling attitude. It's an appalling lack of observation, history taking, and general judgement.

I'm all for calling these doctors out by name. It's okay sitting in a consulting room not answering questions and being obnoxious but this is not getting anyone anywhere.

I'm calling mine out on Facebook. And I'll keep doing it. I want answers. I want to know why I have been maltreated in the way that I have.

I want responses, I want reasoned answers and I want to know what the hell they thought they were doing.

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Yes, but should I really have to put up with this kind of abuse - and I've had this a lot. Should I really be denied a home and health care and benefits?

I was just an ordinary woman who got sick. It made me vulnerable and the vultures came out of the woodwork.

I don't want to be a victorious corpse. I don't want my animals to be. And the people that give the vultures their validity are doctors.

The doctor that treated me, or, didn't because he originally overlooked my blood test, has earned around half a million quid since then. They've paid the B...... for doing that.

And left me with nothing.

I just think society is so ***** screwed up.

Words just fail me sometimes.


Sorry, I didn't mean to give platitudes when you're hurting. No, you shouldn't have to put up with it P..... just saying how it helped me deal with it but nowhere near what's happening to you,

Leave the ignorant b......s to get on with their sorry little lives and concentrate on looking after yourself.


Well, I've got another quote for you:

There is infinitely more good in the demonic than in the trivial man.

If I am the definition of evil then I'm proud of it. Everything, it would seem is relative. But what I'm not? Trivial.


Dear Poppet11,

I feel great empathy with you. I am up against GPs ignorance about PA also. I have to treat myself, and have to put up with their scorn. I have a Gandhi quote---" An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it"

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I like that one.

In my case you could leave in the word 'error' around doctors, but exchange it for the word 'lie' in respect of the people around me.

Fits very, very nicely.


I know the damage that not having b12 injections can cause first hand as I am living with it. I am 34 and no have difficulty with stairs, getting in and out of the bath and many basic things such as using a tin opener. I have too write everything down as I forget things if I don't.

I am now on 50mg fentanyl patches for the pain in my feet and back caused by the nerve damage due too lack of b12.

I spent 5 weeks in hospital last year as my former GP refused to allow me too have b12 injections and removed me from their books knowing I was ill and happy too let me die (which I nearly did). Even my own family find it difficult too understand how living with a b12 problem can be so dangerous and what little support that GP's provide.

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Right, I'll clarify this.

I nearly died that 1st year the B12 deficiency was overlooked. I didn't have enough money to eat and my GP wouldn't sign me off sick. He then did his best to cover up his mistake and made me out to be a looney. I still didn't get signed off sick.

I was (still am) self-employed. No sick money, no income.

It took me another 5 months of self medicating to get my arms working properly and sell my home because I had to do that to survive.

Up to this point no one had done anything. Apart from one doctor who sussed the first doctor and recommended an MRI. That particular doctor has been suspended for 3 years. I can't find out why...

I then return to home town. At this point I look so bad my sister cried. No one ever asked me how I was - they told me how I was - 'You're okay now, you're having treatment'

I couldn't complain or they accused me of being nuts. I still had to earn a living because my new GP wouldn't sign me off sick. The neuro found problems but said that my 'b12 levels were normal now.'

I was actually scared of my family, of what they would do next. I didn't know people didn't understand it caused permanent injury such as mine. But I was still afraid.

My oldest friend (hahaha) also wanted me to work. To make me better. She let me have one of her houses rent free. No running water downstairs. None through a tap upstairs and hot water through a shower head laid in the bath.

No sink, no cooker, no fire. Then she threw me out.

I took the stomach acid test to the GP. She smiled at me and did JS.

My sister then tried to get me sectioned for insisting I was ill (You can understand why I try to appear as physically normal as possible can't you!) Her shot when I asked her what she thought would happen to me was 'What they do with you is up to them.'

I had no home, no benefits, no income, I was still very ill, and I fled the county.

Right into the arms of another load of vultures.

I've been rented properties that meant I couldn't register here because they wouldn't put bills in my name. I was still expected to work. I have been getting worse. I have no benefit entitlement in any country because the UK want me to make up all the payments I missed when the NHS FU. Me to pay for that.

So, they want me to pay into England, pay into France and they won't give healthcare or benefits - neither of them.

The only people, so far, who have gotten away with murder are the vultures and the doctors.

You cannot take away someone's Human Rights and then accuse them of not complying with the system. You cannot blame a person for being vulnerable and renting off those who are breaking the law to be more responsible than the law breakers. You cannot continually breach confidences and function in a profession proclaiming confidentiality. Imagine if solicitors gossiped in the same way doctors do?

So, the bottom line is here, I've been getting worse over the last 18 months. A lot worse. My legs are going. It is now after 4 and I only started at 4pm to work because I couldn't walk around for more than a couple of minutes.

I get nothing.

I am leaving here.

I nearly made it - with the writing. I nearly, probably by a fortnight, pulled this round. But now I can't.

So, apart from the specialist French doc, who I can't afford to see (Food is out, actually) he is the only one in 4 years who has understood. Who has talked to me about it.

The rest are murderers.

If you try and prevent someone getting the correct healthcare, which certainly, family friends and acquaintances, did, and doctors certainly have done more harm than good to me, then they must be outed.

This has been a breach of human rights - and this is the end game. But I did nearly made it. I am so proud. Most would have not made it through the first year.

And I will post, not on here, but with all the names involved. All the money they took off me, all the laws they are breaking, all the lies they told. Because all of them need to be brought to account for what they have done.


I feel your frustration and share it sending a big hug hope it helps


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