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sub lingual versus injecting

Hi again, was away for the weekend, and NO INTERNET!! Thought i would never hear myself say this, but i felt so isolated, and came home to a couple of million emails, at least it felt like that. Many thanks to everyone who answered my question about sublingual versus injecting. Its been really helpful and I think i will simply self inject, and I now know its perfectly legal to do so. Dont quite know why I thought it might break a thousand laws but at least I wont have to hide the fact i am doing it, although i dont think i will bother telling the GP until i start feeling so well he cant deny the positive effects. Even then, he wont like admitting he was wrong!

Just an aside, the haemotologist had suggested that maybe my symptoms were due to my blood sugar levels being the 'low side of normal'. so, to test this, at vast expense (about £50 in all) i bought a blood sugar testing kit, took advice from the mother in law, who is both a qualified nurse and a diabetic, and started testing my levels, once first thing in the morning after about 9 hours without grub, and again 2 to 21/2 hours after the main meal of the day. I have done that for a week now, and my blood sugar level never wavers from 4.5 - 4.9 at its lowest to 5.9 - 6.4 at its highest. All readings are therefore perfectly normal so she(the haemotologist) was just clutching at straws, it seems to me.

Funnily enough, I have just enjoyed the wonder of 3 days in a row, feeling ALMOST normal, with no explanation for it.

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Hi Stevie,

Re:" I have just enjoyed the wonder of 3 days in a row, feeling ALMOST normal", wonderfull, keep it up!! Remember that other B vits ( particularly folate and B6) and minerals (iron etc) can be needed in extra quantities with the extra B12, so adding a multi vitamin can help keep things in balance.

Kind regards,



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