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Muscle Loss - Answers on a Postcard

Right, to get back on track.

I had numerous concerns when I was ill for a year while my B12 test sat unnoticed on my doctors pc. The main physical problems were a) walking and b) lifting my arms up. My left side, both arms and legs were worst. I couldn't raise my arms above head height - hence I couldn't wash my hair and things like that.

When I got treatment and things started to improve, although I appeared to function normally, I still had a lot of weakness in that side and a lot of muscle problems after exertion. It took me 5 months of exercise to gain the strength in my arms to be able to drive any distance.

Then my thighs muscles are tested and I have no quads on flexion on the left. This (according to my neurologist) apparently is 'cognitive' because my B12 levels are normal now.

I continually complain that the muscle problems are getting worse and that I am getting weaker. My left arm being more affected.

On strength tests I am told there is not much difference between both arms (what happens if they are both getting weaker at the same time?)

Now, although I still perform on the one strength test they do, I have no bicep whatsoever in my left arm. Gone. I flex my muscle and there is nothing there. Incidentally, I think this proves the strength test just measures forearm and shoulder strength rather than bicep and that I'm a tenacious little so-and-so.

So, considering that B12 deficiency if it goes overlooked longer than 6 months causes nerve damage - what's happened?

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Well, we've had enough comments about the psychiatric elements - and thyroid - anybody interested in the neurological damage? (I think I have to specify physical - or not psychiatric)


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