B12 Deficiency & Diaebetic.....turmeric???

Hello....I have been reading about Tumeric & the healing properties it provides for arthritis, diaebetes, etc. I have B12 deficiency, but my husband is diaebetic that is controlled by diet alone. Please tell me if anyone has had experience trying to treat anything with turmeric, how to take it & how much. I would appreciate your replies. Thanks. Arleen

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  • I haven't got the experience of beating anything with turmeric, but I know it is valued as anti-inflammatory. I try to use it everyday. Before breakfast half a lemon squeezed with half a teaspoon of turmeric and warm water. Whatever I cook I add turmeric, roast chicken, sprinkle over the skin, cottage pie sling in some turmeric....

  • Margo, thanks for your thoughts. I will try adding turmeric to my cooking. An acquaintance says she makes a spread for her morning toast out 1/8 tsp turmeric, 1/4 tsp cinnamon & 1 tsp honey. It is worth a try as well...

  • Your friend's recipe sounds worth a try. Turmeric has wonderful healing properties, as I said I put it on/in almost everything.

    Good luck Arleen 1943

  • My remedial therapist mentioned Turmeric as a possibility for treating the painful inflammation which affects my hands and ankles (and is lowering my quality of life), but I have not investigated or tried it yet. Someone that I came across "on-line" treats her dogs and herself with it successfully (with Vet's consent - Vets much more open about such things than our Medics), but she does not go into any detail, so I need to find out more.

  • Nothing to do with turmeric but I came across this today - if it helps:

    "Sir Ranulph Fiennes first tried cider vinegar and honey after developing bad arthritis in his hands and his hip 23 years ago."


  • There is a facegroup page called Turmeric User Group UK. Lots of discussion about treating dogs and horses, but also lots about human use. You should find someone there who can answer your questions with real experience.

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