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Newly diagnosed with low B12

Hi all

I have had varying symptoms for about 18mths but hadn't joined the dots but last week had confirmed low B12 and commenced on loading dose hydroxycobalamin. Without any further investigations my GP indicated that it was dietary , I eat a normal diet including chicken and eggs but little red meat and no other diary just because I don't like them. My ferritin and folate were within normal limits. I feel guilty that I am responsible for my symptoms. I am supposed to have a test for IF antibodies but not sure when to have these as I am having treatment which I understand can alter the results.

Many thanks

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Firstly welcome here! YoUr GP may be a bit out of date, perhaps read the link below and give your GP a copy, new guidance, see:

British Society for Haematology Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Cobalamin and Folate disorders

You will see that there are numerous reasons to be B12 def, eating meat and dairy means it is not diet related at all, and IF antibody test is notoriously unreliable, so testing negative just classes you as IF negative PA. IF antibody test should be done at least a week clear of a B12 injection, so best not have that done until you have a longer gap inbetween B12 jabs.

Hope this helps, and you will feel a lot better soon!

Kind regards,



Hi Marre

Thank you very much for your reply I will wait for a few weeks post loading dose then get the other tests


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