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I Want Great Care - Have Your Say about B12 Injections!!!!

I want great care have got a new section - it's about Medicines.

They have a review area for hydroxocobalamin.

I've filled a review in but I don't think it's gone up yet - when it does you can see how I've put things but it was quite difficult because do I say it's 'excellent' which it is if given in the right quantities, or 'poor' which it is but only because doctors don't give it frequently enough.

I figured 'poor' would get more attention but I clarified the situation in my actual review.

Anyway, you want your say, you've got the opportunity!

Here's the link

Please spread this far and wide - Because it's not relating to anything specific to the UK I'm presuming anyone from anywhere can leave a review.

Let's hope it gets flooded!!!

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Thanks for posting this. I have reviewed and also passed it on - as you say, let's hope they get flooded with calls for more frequent treatment, as well as early diagnosis !


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