Pernicious Anaemia Society

Have Your Say About Your Treatment!

Despite opinion to the contrary, it is possible to have your say about the treatment you receive from your doctor on a public forum.

I've put in a link to my blog which gives instructions and a link to the site.


Although you leave your email address with the site your comments are anonymous.

A small start in getting your voice, as an individual, heard. But a start...

Edited to say - Although it is a plain and ordinary site it would seem that it does have some effect. I just checked on a review I put up a couple of months ago and it seems that at least 2 people have read it and found it helpful. It may not seem a lot but when you consider that we are only talking about 1 doctor then I find it interesting that 2 other people were, for whatever reason, looking into this doctor's professional standing.


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