I'm looking for people who are willing to describe in one sentence the impact ignorance has had on their lives.

I'm not looking for 'your story,' or personal details or anything like that. But we all know to differing extents that we are not only injured on a physical level by B12 deficiency but sometimes even moreso by the lack of compassion/understanding we experience on a day to day basis.

We know that some people have their mental health questioned, some have even been sectioned - we know it impacts family lives etc - but the impact is different in each case.

So, I'm adding to my blog and I don't want it just to be 'me'.

So what I was thinking was just some one liners, for example

My husband didn't believe I was ill. He left me.


I am left with no faith in the medical profession.

I'm not putting names or anything like that. But I want it to be real. If you don't want your experience to go on a blog - don't respond. And if I don't get any responses, fair enough.

Thank you for your time folks!

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  • Hi

    there are many sentences i could quote but i would say ' I'm left mistrustful of Drs motives, sometimes they just dont care enough'

    i will stop at that one sentence as the floodgates will open and you'll get 10.

    Good Luck

  • My untreated illness destroyed my relationship and my career.

    As it happens it was thyroid, not B12, but all the same insanity and ignorance abounds in the thyroid world. Stupid reference ranges ignorantly applied, with no understanding of what damage undertreatment can cause.

    You can quote my name if you like!

  • No one believed I was ill for years.....I thought I had alzheimer's but I'm not that old....most folk still don't believe me now.

  • I am left after a year of experience of P.A.,that most doctors that I have had to deal with, are blinkered time-servers,who will, at times resort to subterfuge. They want a cushy life,and want to reach for their prescription pad,and keep in with the big pharmaceutical industry. I am not surprised to learn that they are no longer obliged to swear the Hypocratic Oath.

  • Everytime I get tearful or angry people around me say oh you must be due another injection!

  • ....being in denial and always blaming something else in my body.....a thyroid problem diagnosed 9 years ago took me on a journey which included B12..... Most of the help has come from forums like this....that is so sad.

  • people saying its only a Vitamin you be fine when all you want is them to understand it a lot more than take a jag and your all better.

  • I was so desperate for help,but my GP ( because I was in their stupid grey area ) only said:

    I can't help you, my hand's are tied...........................................

    Your hands are not tied, only your inability to treat the symptoms.

    Would they administer this type of treatment to a member of their own family.


  • There is no answer that tests can give, that should override the symptoms.


  • When your GP no longer meets your gaze as you try to explain just how bad you are feeling! MariLiz

  • My consultant REJECTED me, my life is on hold.

  • It was a complete stranger on this forum that identified my b12 deficiency- dispite being under a multi- disciplinary team, and having symptoms for almost 3 years.

    It was/ is complete strangers who are advising me and guiding me. In turn I'm guiding my doctors. Something is wrong there- who should be getting the salary? Lol

  • The sheer scale of unwiilingness to provide a cheap treatment that could alleviate suffering and prevent harm leaves me speechless.

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