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Is Pepcid the right med to take?

My doctor has prescribed Pepcid for my tummy problems. My book 'Could It Be B12' says this is an H2 blocker that interferes with B12 absorption. Is this really the right medicine for me to take? I'm my doctor's first PA patient ever, I don't want to be his guinea pig experiment. I've seen some articles about taking acid supplements like betaine hydrochloric, is that what I should really be doing?

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Taking anti acids can make the problem worse as the body can then try to produce more acid etc and altering PH of gastrict acid can alter uptake or inhibit uptake of B12 iron etc. A lot of people manage by making sure they add natural acid to their meals, can be orange juice or just a slice of lemon in water etc.

I believe supplements like betaine hydrochloric work for some, not others. It depends on why you are having tummy problems I suppose, to much stomach acid that is not acidic enough, or not enough, both are possible.

Perhaps it would be better to see a gastro and have further investigations as to why you have tummy problems.

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