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Article in BMJ (British Medical Journal)

My GP is very sympathetic to my needs and has agreed I need injections every 8 weeks, not 12. She also went one stage further and told me about a recent research article in the BMJ. Here is the link. To access the whole report one would have to subscribe, although there is a free trial period.


If anyone has a download of the full report maybe they could put it up here at the PAS?


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Yes its a very good article, we have seen it and discussed it in this post a bit see:


But good to have it raised again as with this forum post are lost never to be seen again!

Good to read your GP has read it!

I expect its copy righted so no one can cut and paste the whole article say, but the free trail is a reasonable alternative,

Kind regards,



YES!!!!!!!! RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told you it would work!!!!!!

(Sorry Brian - I've been pushing the link for ages! - It's the best thing we've got. You're GP didn't happen to tell you if she'd seen it online or in hardcopy, did she? I'm still trying to find out if it was in the hardcopy journal)

I'm finding the comments in the CME section the most interesting - one doctor now comments that after b12 treatment he will be looking for iron deficiency anaemia - By George I think they are getting it! - Treat one anaemia and the other is revealled and then you treat that. Great stuff!


My GP saw it online I believe.



Still - it's working!


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