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Looking for advice / help

Hi All,

This is my first post to the forum so I hope I cover everything.

I'm 26 and in May 2013, after a very rough 12 months I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency. I had an endless list of symptoms, cramps in my feet and legs, dizziness, lack of concentration, low moods, weigh loss, no appetite, brain fogs, fatigue, shortness of breath and the list continued. I was also constantly ill with various things chest infections, colds and tummy upsets (at this stage I was pretty fed up of visiting the doctor and just been prescribed antibiotics or IBS relief tablets).

I visiting the doctor yet again with another symptom, a very sore tongue and finally received a blood test. Well the 5 days passed and I called the surgery for my results to be told by the receptionist that my bloods were 'fine'. I cried and begged for another appointment to see the doctor, they offered me an appointment for 2 weeks after. So feeling even worse then I did before I must say I was surprised when 3 days after calling the surgery I received a letter to call the doctor as a matter of urgency. I did and was given an appointment with the hour the be told that I did actually have vitamin B12 deficiency and started my booster injections there and then. I felt on top of the world for the first few months until I saw my symptoms returning.

Another visit to the doctor, this time to see if I could be given injections every two months just to see if it would help. I was told that it was best to see if my symptoms worsened. I decided to take things into my own hands and brought some extra strength patch's and an under the tongue spray after reading some posts on this forum. Again they helped for a little while.

But now I'm getting new symptoms, teeth grinding, heart palpations, brain fogs are worse than ever, my concentration is at an all time low, blurred vision, I just don't feel like ME and to top it off I was at the doctors AGAIN last week and after seeing a new doctor to the surgery, she now thinks I have a heart murmur! (I'm back next Thursday to see a senior doctor).

I just want to know if there is any link between the B12 deficiency and heart murmurs (I never had a murmur as a baby)? Also, if there is ANYTHING else I can do to help myself?

I'm sorry for the essay :-)

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Hi Jonesy88,

Firstly welcome here!, Glad you got treatment and hope you may get more frequent B12 injections as many do not do well on the standard once every 3 months. It is important to have some investigations as tyo why, as its quite common to also become folate def and or iron def once B12 treatment has started. All (B) vitamins (and minerals) need each other for metabolising so if you give loads of one you can become def in an other because of increased demand say. You can help your self by taking a good multi vitamin. Also it is not uncommon to have thyroid problems besides PA.

Having a heart murmer can be nothing to worry about or some thing serious so that just needs to be looked at, it can just be because you have become anaemic (could be iron def and or folate def besides B12 def), or low potassium , to something more serious.

I have a heart-murmer, borne with it, it gets worse if one is anaemic, logical, the blood is pumping wrong/ anaemic blood round and the brain wants more 02 it then asks for more blood to be pumped round, heart goes into overdrive then and a slight heart defect will become more noticable. My simple explanation anyway. Hope you get everything sorted soon,

Kind regards,



After constant visits to my GP years ago, I finally diagnosed myself as having a thyroid problem by reading up about heart murmurs, etc., which, among other reasons can be a sign of thyroid (autoimmune disease). I have two leaky valves, one of which had obviously developed after years of untreated thyroid problems. I then insisted on a thyroid test ( positive) and then began the journey back to health.

Marre is right about everything working together. After the correct diagnosis and some self treatment - Levo, B12, Vit D and C - I found I did not need the strong heart and cholesterol drugs they were so keen to prescribe without getting to the root of the problem. I now feel better than ever.

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