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Supplements or not?

Hi I have been having a fortnight of B12 injections and last one due tomorrow. My nurse (very helpful compared to GP) has told me to come back in 12 weeks for a blood test and my next injection. I have also been taking B12 tablets (1000ug?) one a day for the last 2 weeks.

My question is in order to give a true reading when it I have my first blood test after treatment in 12 weeks should I stop taking the supplements? Surely if I am taking them this may give a false reading. Do they need to see what my body has actually done with the B12 injected?

Ah so many questions I know!

Thank you xx

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Hi Lal,

Seems logical to me that if you want a true result after 12 weeks on how much your serum B12 has improved, and any other issues such as MCV etc, then you should not be supplementing, you can always start supplementing later if you feel you can not do without, but I think its best to first see how you do on the treatment offered. Taking a multivitamin should do no harm and got be helpful, but still I'd first see (and feel) how you do on the treatments given by your GP.

Kind regards,



Thanks Marre that's what I thought. Fingers crossed for 12 weeks then. Feeling a lot more positive about it all now. Seeing very helpful nurse has helped as well as writing on here.

Thanks again x


Pleasure! Hope you will just feel better and better; make sure blood test is before the B12 jab, Marre.


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