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Red Blood Count results - advice please

Hello - I am new to this forum - belong to thyroidUK - one of our members advised me to post here as you know more about blood!

My husband was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but it is his blood results which are causing us concern and have not been picked up by the Doc. He is 65 and his mother had both PA and hypo, and died at the early age of 64, so you can see there is a reason for our concern.

His RBC was 4.46 in a range of 4.60 - 6.50 in February and a couple of weeks ago it was lower at 4.37 in the same range. Also his MCHC was very low,red blood cell distribut width very low, Lymphocyte very low and MCH high, Ferritin above the range -I can post the whole lot if it helps!

Please can someone advise?

Many Thanks

Sheenah xx

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Hi sheenah,

I am sorry to read how poorly your hubby is. For understanding blood test results I find this link very helpful, see:

from this you can see what some reasons can be for low RBC, MCHC etc .

What can help is to look at MCV, raised in B12/ Folate def, to small in iron def; platelet count decreased in B12 def etc.

I hope this link helps you further, it is very difficult to say much for me from this end, I assume having been diagnosed recently with hypothyroidism means this is not yet under control, so that will play a part as well, depending on what medication he is taking etc,

I hope this helps,

Kind regards,



Thanks very much Marre,

A very useful website which I will also post on Thyroiduk. The main worry we have is that he keeps having random dizzy almost fainting attacks where he goes cold, has palpitations and goose pimples- these can last for 30 seconds to a few minutes - they come on with no warning - he was driving the other day and it happened! Very scary! The docs don't know what it is either - ECG came back OK - he can go weeks without having one then has a few together out of the blue. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Many Thanks

Sheenah xx


Gosh, how unsettling for you all..I did have mini black outs at a certain time ( I never knew it happened but other people would ask me if I was alright), diagnosis was some mystery virus and iron def..Also fainting etc, comes with feeling cold and cold sweat; oh it can be so many things, no point in speculating, just hoping a diagnosis comes with treatment that will help him, Marre.


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