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The petition that calls for the treatment of Pernicious Anaemia to be based on the individual patient's needs and that the patient should be able to choose his or her delivery method - including self-administered injection - is now live:

Please get as many people who you know to sign it.

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Saw this last week, have shared it on twitter, instagram and facebook. Will keep sharing over the next year too.

Trouble is, people who don't know anything about it won't even look at it as it's not affecting them.


I've been posting this image with my posts too to try and draw peoples attention


You have been doing well!!

I just was surprised there seems to be no mention of this petition on this forum.

People who have not experienced B12def/PA will never understand fully what it is like, but you can only try, and as you have, try to summon as much support as you can. I know its depressing, I've been diagnosed in 2001, you'd think my hubby at least would support me and his 2 daughters. Its just in his mind I've sorted out the treatment and should just get on with it and forget. All very easy when you do not have the physical reminders that most with this condition still get, that you are not completely normal, will have weird experiences that others will not understand. I had to go trough a body scanner at an airport, I thought nothing of it, hubby had gone trough without a problem. But the wall moves (that is what it looks like anyway) so I lost my balance which resulted in lots of shouting, blurred image, stand her do that etc which was very embarrassing for me, but hubby thought it was my stupid fault..and he is a good hubby realy! Most people do not realy know or understand, but still its all worth a try, the diagnosis of B12 def/ PA has now changed for the better with the acknowledgement that the serum B12 test is not the be all and end all, with some luck it will be recognised that one size treatment does not fit all!


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