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B12 anaemia


I live in Ireland and I've just had these bloods results can someone tell me if they think I'm deficient in B12

MCV 96.6. Range 83-101

MCH 33.0. Range 27-32

Platelets 285 range 150-400

Neutrophils 4.92 range 2-7

Lymphocytes 1.43 range 1-3

Monocytes 0.37 range 0.2-1.0

Basophils 0.03 range 0.02-0.10

Doc just phoned and said I'm not deficient latest reading B12 615 he gave me a shot 3 weeks ago and said that would do for 3 months I had a reading of 339 before he gave me the shot folate 5.0 range 3.5-20 guess I'm low in folate, ferritin 205 does anyone think I need to supplement with iron

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hi Mauds

i live in NE scotland see all these blood levels enough to drive you crazy. my hubby gordon has PA and 2008 went down like a rock he is now 52 anyhow local doc told CF/ME and the next year was left then i mentioned his mum was getting injections she didnt know why so i told GP wife who was nurse she pulled Gordon back and he got injected alternate days for a week then 1ml every 3 months NO DIFFERENCE he was like someone with dimentia sleeping lathergig breathless still we did not know abot PA that word was never mentioned until 2010 dec went to a tribunual for getting benifit as NO money he got after his job sik pay stopped i had to sell my garden to pay off my mortgage well at tribunual him and the lady from CAB sat in room so did i but was told to keep mouth shut everyone spoke but the questions were irrellivant yes he could walk but not very far im the one who lived with him hes 10 years younger than me but was like a 70 year old with dimentia any way at the end the doc turned ound and said i see you have pernicious anniemia WHAT ive never heard that one so i came home on computer and there it was PERNICIOUS/DEATH way back it was a killer untill the dr found out and researched it .Well i saw PA SOCIETY in WALES quickly phoned him up explained well my eyes were opened as i was put in contact with DR CHANDY from COUNTY DURHAM NHS and what he told me shocked me any reading under 500 has a B12 def gordons was when i pulled out his medical records 150 back in 2003 so he was dying in front of my eyes also through the site i discovered from PAT KONIC from Canada {its on facebook] PA society he now gets which i buy myself and give him scince 2011 jan 1ml injection 3 400mcg folic acid and a good multi vitamin bcomplex tablet i get the hydroxocoblamin 2mls vial from goldpharma now i feel awful having to do this but he went back to work july 2012 as a gardener handy man he is 95 % back or i KNOW i woul have lost him the site on facebook very good but PAT KONIC is brilliant she gave me a great deal if info one being thatB12 and folic go hand in hand lock and key any how this is my life what happened as dr chandy told me B12 IS THE WATER OF LIFE i to-tally agree irene

Mauds in reply to sallywally

Thanks for reply where do you get the b12 shots from and how often do you give them to your husband I'm so exausted and they're telling me my thyroids in range so why am I not feeling better I'm 51 but feel like 70 all I want to do is sit around all day it's really getting me down how do I convince my doc to give me the loading dose

Mauds in reply to sallywally

Where do you get the b12 shots from and how often do you give them to your husband

i get them off the internet from GOLDPHARMA for the past 3 years the needles are from MEDICARE orange ones i break the vial and pull in half the vial in one injection and take the rest in another i give him every 2nd day now and will have to do this forever as he wees out 70% each time as im not a doc i hate doing it myself but a friendly nurse showed me but so much damage had been done

Mauds in reply to sallywally

Thanks before my doc gave me the shot 3 weeks ago my b12 was 339 it didn't go up that much after the shot. I'm going to see if he will give me the prescription for 5 weekly shots of b12 not holding out much hope might have to go your way thanks

Hi Mauds,

Some docs just haven't got a clue have they. He artifically raises your B12 level then thinks everything is ok. I was just beginning to educate myself about B12 etc on the PA Society site when they closed the forum for a while to carry out a website upgrade. Re: your folate, yes it is low, mine is just under the lowest range. I was advised to take Jarrow's Formula Methyl folate supplements (as opposed to folic acid, folic acid being the synthetic form.) wellnessmama.com/12543/foli...

I'm not sure I'd supplement with iron until you get your iron level tested but your ferritin is good (at the moment) at 205, but you'll get a better idea further along the injections. My B12 is 277 and my ferritin is 18 - I got offered a packet of iron tablets..! I did lots of reading and again with some great advice from the PA Society, I ordered B12 5000mcg patches and also Jarrow's Methyl-B12 sublinguals. I'm desperate to feel even just a little bit better, like you I'm so abnormally tired, I feel like an old lady. I've just been diagnosed with CFS, pfft, I'm not even considering it as a diagnosis, I know what the cause is!!

Have a read -

Great website - run by an NHS GP in Durham who cares - b12d.org/

B12 Deficiency - b12deficiency.info/


Mauds in reply to sazzyb

Thanks I'm taking the b12 sublingual and b complex hopefully they'll help I don't think I'll need iron and the b complex contains folate so I hope that helps too I'm going to get vit c and take that also I'm taking cod liver oil capsules and magnesium.

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