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Hi - I have just had my blood tests back from the Doctor. I have had the following symptoms for 5 years which have been deteriorating.

numbness tingling, pin and needles, cramp, twitching, muscle pain in arms and legs

calf pain and muscle tightness

low resistance to infections pneumonia last year

Shortness of breath palpitations - comes and goes over the year

Yeast infections

My B12 is 276, Ferrating 27 Folate 9.77

My heaomtricit is 0.386 slightly low and creatinine raised at 82.

I have had tests for RA, Diabetes and PA. The Doctor says my B12 is fine within normal range and unlikely to be causing any of my symptoms. I am so frustrated as I can't find a solution to my problems but I feel my B12 and some other levels are low!

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Redberry989,

Pop on over to HealthUnlocked's other community site, (I am on several HU sites.) 'THYROID UK' if you are not a member already, join up, you can keep your username and icon picture, one or two clicks and you are joined.

Get a printed out copy of your blood results and ranges, (you may already have them) and post them and most importantly the ranges up on Thyroid Uk so other clever members can read them, they go by a wider range than the labs and can pick out problems much better. They have helped me and my family no end. :)

Your Symptoms are similar to my Husbands, mine and many others on TUK, many of us are finding blood tests are not showing the true picture of our illnesses.

My husband and myself are both aiming to cure ourselves, by Doctors and self help, but it is a journey and with the help of others with knowledge, we know we will get there eventually :)


Well the PA Society would not say at 276 your B12 is fine! They believe anything under 500 is suspicious and under 400 should be treated.... Have you been on the B12 Deficiency website -really good and it has a diagnostic assessment on there for b12 deficiency -which once you have done it you could show your GP? You haven't put the ranges for the folate and ferritin but according to my labs ranges they both seem low -can you post them? Also there are other tests your GP could perform to further assess the reasons behind a lower b12 level -such as Intrinsic factor -we need this to absorb b12 in our stomachs....


I have the same symptoms but with normal B12 for years. Just recently my wife asked hematologist to run intrinsic factor and what do you know? I have had pernicious anemia for years! keep searching!


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