How many mcg of B12 should my husband take per day


Regarding my last question a week ago, re G.P. stopping my husbands B12 injection and giving him 50mcg tablets, one a day instead.

I decided to order him some Jarrow 5000mcg. lozenges.

I have now received them.

My husband thinks this is a high dose so can someone please let me know if this is O.K. to take one a day.

His level was 222 range 180 - 1100 and he has lots of deficiency symptoms.

Some of his symptoms have improved since the injections two months ago and one big improvement is the numbness and tingling in his hand.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Many thanks browny

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  • With his symptoms his B-12 levels needs to be about 1000 on blood tests , 50 mg /day is ridiculous take 1000 /day and see how it feels ,if it does`nt relieve symptoms increase in 1000 inceaments , keep a graph of how he feels against dosage , if it does not improve go back and ask for a P/A test or referral to Endocrine dept .

    You will have to stand your grround and fight your cause for regular injections , if 3 monthly does not get full releif then he will have to self medicate to suit his condition .

  • Many thanks, I agree, I think 1000mcg a day would be a good starting dose, as I write this he is fast asleep in the chair, his injection (before G.P. stopped it) was due in 4 weeks so I think the last one is now wearing off. I will start him on the 1000 today.

    Best wishes browny

  • Hi

    I'm not sure about dosage but if your husband has problems absorbing b12 because he lacks the intrinsic factor or he has digestion issues (e.g. chrohns, coeliac etc) then the oral b12 may not work for him and he may be better to fight for the injections.

    Good luck

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply, I have got him lozenges that dissolve under the tongue and go straight into your blood stream, he will give them a try and if no success and I will drag him back to see G.P.

    Best wishes browny

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