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Can anyone decipher active B12 results?

Hello all.

I have paid privately to have blood tests done as GP and I have differing views.

I have seen a private GP for B12 injections, but now manage on sublingual tablets as I don't have a never ending pot of money.

Result says Active B12 less than 68, but there are no reference ranges or units given.

Can anyone shed some light on what this result means, before I go cap in hand to GP.

I also take Levothyroxine (thyroid), Folic Acid (deficiency) and Ferrous fumarate (anaemia)- (all prescribed by GP)


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You really need to know the reference ranges first because the NHS seems to be introducing a different test in some areas of the country , dont be afraid to ring the reception they will give you the range . Looks like you have auto immune problems ,check in your family if other members have had similar troubles . If there is evidence just in range is no good at all , you need to be toward top of the range because of absorbtion problems .

I know all about the costs involved , NHS is locked in commercial Cartels ,you might consider injecting your self , the forum will supply the contacts to get supplies .


Hello. Thank you for the reply.

Family history is laden with autoimmune problems. Thyroid, anaemia, diabetes, cancer to be honest though my GP isn't concerned.

I will get the reference ranges as the result obviously means nothing without it.

Thank you for the heads up about self injecting, I will look into it.



hi please do lots of research on line about b12 i have found a very interesting book on amazon could it be b12 it is written by 2 doctors they think the range should be brought in to below 500 and you need b12 tablets ,i was told my b12 363 was normal but i was not well always tired and muscle problems i now take 500ug b12 2 aday and my levels are 600 and i am feeling so much better


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