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Intrinsic factor antibody test result?

Can anybody tell me what the normal levels are for this test as my blood result came back with a level of 1, totally confused and receptionist couldn't advise me further, just told me to book in to see doc, which I have to wait a week for, I have been fighting for answers for so long, so exhausted with being fobbed off......serum b12 came back at 297 3 months ago so put myself on a high dose b12 pill (1000pg) just been retested with intrinsic factor test and b12 came back at 439, levels are rising but I am concerned that the vitamin is excessive at 40,000% RDA, I have felt better over this 3 month period but recently had a urine infection that doc treated with trimethoprim and crashed, have been really ill since, hence the new blood test but b12 has risen???? So many symptoms that match deficiency, also low thyroid serum that sits on the cusp of low but doc doesn't want to know, also suffer from blister patches on back of leg when I get really bad, canker sores, numbness in arms when waking up in morning, even though I haven't slept on them, also a feeling like I want to clear my throat all the time....any advice would be appreciated, thank you

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Check out this link for more information:

You can't OD on B12, it's water soluble so any excess is flushed out in urine. The RDA is ridiculously low, since it is based on healthy people, not on those with malabsorption.

Also forget about the serum B12 test, it's very inaccurate and becomes even more irrelevant once you're supplementing. Your blood levels will rise but that doesn't tell you anything about what's going on at tissue level.

Do you have your results for thyroid TSH, T4, T3, thyroid antibodies? Also folate, ferritin, vit D, calcium, FBC etc?



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