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Acetic Acid Free B12 Injection?

Hi everyone, I started my B12 injections this afternoon.

Because I have Interstitial Cystitis I have to be as acid free as possible. I asked my GP for the ingredients, because I had a week of bladder pain and spasms after a synacthen test :-( Unfortunately B 12 injections contains acetic acid too. Although I had the injection only 3 hours ago I am already in a lot of discomfort.

Is there an acid free version?

Thanks. X

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I get my acetic acid free vial from


Hi Erainy, i had a look on their site and couldn't make top nor tail of it. I went on the shopping but there was nothing to buy. It could well be me, but i couldn't find any vials.

Thanks for letting me know they do do them. I'll have another go! :-)



I don't understand how people are mentioning about ebay or shopping page which I can't even find on the website.

They can't sell you the 30ml vial in this country therefore it's free. You must email them. I hope you get it because it's preservative free (only salt) Methylecobalamin which you don't have to refrigerate as long as you wipe the rubber top each time you insert the needle.

If you don't know how to draw B12 from a vial, goto youtube and teach yourself how to. Basically, you have to first draw air into the syringe (the amount you want to draw B12 out of the vial e.g. 1ml), push it into the vial THEN draw B12. This way, the pressure within the vial is maintained correctly.


Hi Erainy, it's information I need for my GP, she's giving me the injections. I've had two injections and have considerable pain. I've cancelled my injection on Friday.

I'll email, maybe I can supply the GP? No doubt this will cause problems.

I'm using a tablet device, i'm just getting eBay links too, and nothing under "shopping"

Thanks for your help.


I said this to the other person as well, I think your tablet is infected with malware.

I am using a laptop and it doesn't redirect to ebay link. I am noticing many people are affected with redirection malware recently. Dr Chandy is a NHS GP so he'll be able to advice you what would be the best course of action in your case. All the best.


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