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Help for giving more energy for someone with b12 deficiency who is already on the injections?

I suffer from a b12 deficiency, I have been having the injections every three months for approximately a year now, as an 19 year old girl to be diagnosed with a b12 deficiency at 17 my doctor told me it was quite unusual to happen and was a bit reluctant to put me on the injections to start with, I spent a lot of time completely drained and stuck in bed asleep even if I had a good night sleep I would still have to go for a nap in the day and still felt drained after.

At first having the first set of injections it felt like a miracle cure and I had so much energy that didn't even know it existed! but since having them every three months my energy has gone right down, i feel exhausted again and don't even see the advantages from the injection, I don't really want to go back to the doctors because he was quite unsure of putting me on the injections in the first place, can anyone else relate to this or maybe give me a bit of advise to help giving me back a bit of energy again?

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I suspect that, like many of us, quarterly injection is not enough for you that's why you are feeling exhausted again. Have you considered self-injection? My GP approves it so I am heading that way...just need to over come my needle phobia. I also find all around multi-vitamins boosted my energy level. You need to take folic acid in order for B12 to be assimilated but multi-vitamins usually contains about 200% of daily recommended dose.


Brilliant, it's just worrying because you think that it is going to make a difference and when it doesn't do so it makes you wonder what the point is of having it done in the first place, thank you so much Erainy, I will defiantly give it a go and good luck, hope that you over come your phobia of needles!


Hi tams123, you can read lots of people's stories on the main PAS website forum (don't have to be a member to read). I don't think there are many people who do well on 3 monthly jabs, that's just a fantasy in the heads of the medical profession. And you can have B12 deficiency at any age, including from birth, so your doctors attitude is a bit odd. You need to have good levels of iron as well as folate, as Erainy mentions, and actually we can be low in vitamin D as well. So it is worth getting folate, iron, ferritin and vit D tested if you can. Here is a link to the PAS forum if you want to have a read:




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