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What are the Best Parkinson's Blogs?

Hi all:

I'm Chief Blogger for The Theracycle Blog (, a new non-commercial blog that we hope will be helpful and informative to people with Parkinson's and other movement disorders (as well as caregivers, therapists and medical pros).

Since other PD blogs have been a great source of ideas and inspiration to us we recently published a list of some of the "Best Parkinson's Blogs"

Check it out at and please let me know which PD blogs YOU follow and recommend.

To make our Theracycle Blog as valuable as possible, we welcome your input, criticism, ideas and article submissions. Visitors like you have provided "guest posts" on the blog with helpful tips on PD exercise, diet, working with care teams, as well as write-ups on their own personal journeys, challenges, etc.

Feel free to email me with your favorite Parkinson's Blogs, your comments or anything else you want to say/ask:


May your 2012 be healthy & happy!

--Patrick (Rafter)

The Theracycle Blog

p.s. Full disclosure: The Theracycle Blog is sponsored by the makers of the Theracycle---the award-winning motorized exercise bike helping people with movement disorders.

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Although I am not qualified to judge the best PD blogsite I strongly suggest you take a look at It is inspiration and presented in a light hearted fashion that, I think, makes for interesting reading. For more info, please email me at

Jeff Jennings


The theracycle sounds wonderful, but they are too expensive for most of us.


i like


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