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We have a new look, but the same urgent goal – to cure Parkinson’s

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The Parkinson's Movement forum hosted by Health Unlocked is an initiative of Cure Parkinson's, a UK-based Parkinson's research charity. In recent weeks we have brought Parkinson's Movement under the Cure Parkinson's umbrella to ensure we deliver research information that might be of interest to you quickly and clearly. It is for this reason that we have changed the branding on the forum. You may notice a change in the name of this community to Cure Parkinson’s, as well as some updates to our logo. All other aspects of the community will stay the same and you will be able to continue accessing support as you always have done.

Cure Parkinson's was founded by four people with Parkinson's and the charity believes that by sharing your experiences, you can help shape the course of Parkinson's research.

We continue to work with the European Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA) within HealthUnlocked to support members with topical information.

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I answered the survey.

May it be for the better! Thanks

What survey ?

Where will I find it?

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RoyProp in reply to GymBag

You would have received it by the email announcing HU organization changes.

Thanks for the explanation. Was wondering what happened to the Parkinson's Movement site.

Thanks for the link. I took the survey.

Very good!

So glad to see the word "Cure" used in reference to Parkinson's. I've never accepted there is no cure.

in reply to HealthSeeker7

I agree!

"you will be able to continue accessing support as you always have done."

My suggestion is that the forum should have considerably more active moderation. Not simply responding to reports, but actively setting a standard that will then be followed. I appreciate that this takes more time, but it is worth doing.

Here is a good example of something that definitely should not be ok on a forum like this:


Someone comes here for support, and immediately they are (basically) called a liar, simply becuase their version of PD doesnt match someone else's.

Is that ok, Suze?

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SuzeCPPartner in reply to kevowpd

Absolutely, and this is all included in our guidelines:healthunlocked.com/cure-par...

I noticed that! Brava!

I declined it

“We fund innovative projects and inspirational scientists with the aim of building momentum towards a cure. ”

Will you fund further research, B1, ?

Impacted in full.“I have since come to the conclusion that one does not need to be deficient in the nutritional sense to benefit from this type of therapy; that high-dose thiamine is not simply working by correcting nutritional deficiency. Rather, thiamine is functioning as a metabolic stimulant to restore oxidative energy metabolism in cells that have been inhibited by factors unrelated to nutritional status.”

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