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I don't post here often, I try to occupy my mind with my art and writing. But I spent the past year making a movie about my life as an artist and poet with PD and I'd love for people to see it. It's called The Healthiest Man On Earth, and you can find it here:

It's 26 minutes, so be patient...

stay healthy, y'all



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  • Thanks Gary - you are inspirational! I am reminded of a quote by Albert Camus that effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit. Warmest. Tony

  • profound quote, thank you. it seems to be true,

    blessings to you!

  • Loved your video, Gary. I especially liked that you told your whole life story with PD as a character, but not the main character. Your verve and style are very up beat and contagious. Thanks for sharing.

  • not the main character, right, just the annoying antagonist who has to be thwarted at every turn...thank you!

  • Good job. Could I post on PD site on facebook? thanks!

  • absolutely. EVERYONE may repost this. please repost it. i want the world to see it...

  • Your story has left me speechless and awed. As an artist, mom, grandmom and wife with Parkinson's, I find that you have captured the essence of my life as well. Thank you so much. This is a story for everyone to take the time out to visit and ponder over. So inspirational. I have been putting my painting on the side more and more. You have inspired me to start painting more and more. - it needs to be as important and as effortless as breathing is for me. My husband has already created a website that documents my paintings and so I also have a legacy to leave my kids and grandkids. You have inspired me to continue and not be discouraged - to continue being who I am - each day is a new beginning. I have to get your book - If I Were You - so I can learn to inspire others like you do.

  • thank you. keep painting, for you, for me, for your grandkids, for everyone. art is amazement. amaze and be amazed...

  • Gary, you have made me want to completely re arrange my creative brain to help cope with life with parkinson's. It;s as if I am driving down the road, and got stuck on Parkinson's. I need to switch gears and keep on down the road. The same bumpy road, but play a game of "I Spy" along the way. Thanks again, Gary!!! I'm really pumped up!

  • exactly! i find people get obsessed with their PD, but that doesn't serve. keep the eye on the art...PD doesn't go away, but we manage...

  • Gary, if you have some time, I would like to share my website with you and the others with Parkinsons, or others who just like art - the music is very soothing.........nothing is for sale, so I think it'll be okay for me to post this:

  • I clicked on the link but just got a blank page.

  • Hmmmm..........sorry. I just checked and it's working fine. Do you need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Reader???

  • Absolutely Wonderful Gary, Thankyou!

  • note to all:

    please feel free to post the movie link on your blogs, Facebook pages, Tweets, whatever. this is the only way i can really distribute the film. if you have groups that you want to show it to, i can send a DVD, or you can even invite me and/or the film to your symposiums...

    thank you all for your kind responses. i have a web site of course, or Facebook friend

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