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Raw Goat Milk to help cure Parkinsons's

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I read here that some people are finding that drinking raw goat milk is helping to cure Parkinson's. I am trying to find raw goat milk in NYC or any place near by to get this for my mom. Does anyone know a good source in NYC for raw goat milk?

Thank you!

17 Replies
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As far as I know, there is no known CURE for Parkinson's. I have seen nothing scientific showing any results from goat milk.

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Divinebeauty in reply to wifeofparky

Thank you for writing to me. This is all new to me.

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wifeofparky in reply to Divinebeauty

to learn a lot about Parkinson's go to Parkinson.org. Scroll to the very bottom of the homepage and click on online store. You can order free booklets on different topics

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I think raw milk can make you pretty sick.

I’d do a little more research if I was you.

If it works though, please let me know!!

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Divinebeauty in reply to Astra7

As I am researching I am finding that raw milk both cows and goats has great health benefits so perhaps it just helps to slow down the effects of PD.

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this is a post that was about goat's milk on Health Unlocked from 2019 which makes me wonder if the writer Delboy381 did try drinking raw goat's milk and if so how it went

It appears that Delboy381 has had recent posts on Health Unlocked

In thinking about this the thought occurred to me could the raw goat's milk somehow have a positive influence on the microbiome that would bring some benefits


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Divinebeauty in reply to Boscoejean

Thank you for writing and for sharing with me who posted the note about goat milk being beneficial!

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I grew up drinking raw cow’s milk, you have to boil it for a few minutes on low of course but it’s definitely very nutritious and beneficial to the micro biome, same with goat’s milk. I would think there are a lot of farms in upstate or maybe you can source it from a natural foods market or farmers market in the city. Make sure they are grass feed and well treated because when the animals are stressed out they produce stress chemicals that we end up eating when we consume their products. Hope it helps!

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Divinebeauty in reply to Tayogi

Thank you Tayogi! This is helpful!

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raw goat milk is plenty 😋in New Jersey Google will point you to the farmers market

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Divinebeauty in reply to Intrepid200

Thank you!!

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I see Goat milk is available in Shop rite but I think it's pasteurized.


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goat milk ? What kind a protein in it ? To cure Parkinson we need to figure out this , salamander fish how regeneratinghalf cut brain or any limps, that's what I know. Other than loads of dreams.. i don't think goat milk has this capabilities to regenerate lost Niagra cells. Don't pay attention for African no other so called herbalist or healers . They are just con man 😉😉😉

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Easily one of the most ridiculous posts I’ve read on this site 🙄

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I've had a lot of raw goat's milk (I make my own cheese with it) and I used to get raw cow's milk, which I mostly skimmed to use the cream in coffee. I never boiled it...in fact sometimes I'd drink it still warm from the cow (whose name was Carnation! :o) but I knew my source well.

Unfortunately Carnation dried up and refused to have any more babies. But it never made me sick, nor do I believe either the raw goat or cow helped my Parkinsons, even a little bit. It was tasty though!

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Thank you for writing Amy! I have been drawn recently to the success of near and red infra red light on helping delay symptoms of PD at the following web sight: wellred.com.au/research-1/n...

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Interstate sales of raw milk are banned by in the United States by federal law, but within states the laws vary. New York happens to be a state which does allow the sale with certain restrictions i.e. that sales must take place on theFarm where the milk is produced.

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