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I am Really an Optimist

By now most of you know me through my blogs. I get bored in the weee hours of the morning and its kind of therapeutic writing, even if my grammar sucks .Some times I feel I come off kind of negative about the whole find a cure for Parkinson's thing. 'Believe me, i am not!! I hope and pray they do. However,I am a realist and correct me if i am wrong the last major disease cured in this country if not the world was Polio. So why I still hope and pray for a cure. I am not going to sit back and wait for one to come. The true pessimist are right here, I am sure they don't realize it .. What kind of questions is How do you define a cure? or what symptoms would you liked to be rid of..stuff like that. hey here is your answers to those questions "when i don't have Parkinson's anymore" I know there are major advances and I am grateful for the one I received but don't piss down my back and tell me is raining. Life is to short. I guess I should just be happy with the advances they are making., because the glass is half full.

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That's the spirit -- try not to sweat too much the things you have marginal control over. I've adapted to PD by being done with playing sports (I'm 55) and instead attending more sporting events and getting more into photography. Especially photography. As long a I can get there and push a button, I can enjoy that.

Since you're a glass-half-full guy, here's a glass you must have:


great paul as for myself i join a local bass club and fishing bass tournaments again


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