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I am curious about caregivers and something like what at least used to be called sympathic pregnancy. Men who would actually get morning sickness when their wife was pregnant. Has anyone experienced this with, or being a cargiver. It is not an accusation or anything like that, but when a loved one goes through a trumatic event I don't think it would be unusual to have an empathytic response.

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  • I have been my husbands carer for 12 yrs and I don't feel any of his symptoms but I do feel his pain when he falls and hurts himself ,I don't know if it's the fact that I know his falls hurt him most of the time ,as he lands on his bottom ,elbow,hands hips,well most parts as he falls in all directions trying to save himself if I am not in the room with him.I have found if he lands on his hands I automatically rub mine or his hip I do the same,I don't know if it just a reaction or I feel it or I want to take his pain away.

  • Hi,

    This is a question I have been longing to ask,,,so thanks for asking,,,, I too was wondering the very same as my Hubby has parkinsons but I have loads more of the non motor symptoms than what he has. He seems to be popping the pills and feeling great but I am struggling with all sorts of other stuff that when you read about PD they are the non motor symptoms (cannot think of them all at the mo though typical). Why where you asking?? Do you feel things too?? Interested from Linda

  • My wife has been having th nonmotor symtons with some strange problems. I don't have a temr, but walking and balance, cumsiness and many others, and she is making those complaints. I have a great deal of pain, she now has costant pain. I know what she i feeling is real, to her. The drs can find nothing and when she fell a couple times they wanted her to ser a movenent dr. When the dr found out I had pd he got a funny look. I don't think it is intentional, but maybe subconsciencely, who knows and who am I t say it too several years for my dx. Thank you

  • Hi I have been carer for my husband for the past 18yrs and although I do not have any symptoms the emotional turmoil of seeing him having to go through and cope with his symptoms are very painful indeed xx Food for thought and a good question indeed x

  • Hello, My father has pd and I have found myself wondering about this question quite often. I have noticed that I have had moments of loss of balance out of nowhere, ridged hand posture. and even an occasional drool from left field. lol It was really freaking me out at time for the possibility of heredity issues but I have found these things mostly happen when or shortly after I have stayed with him for a couple days.I am only 31 yrs old and as unlikely as it is to be actual symptoms my father was diagnosed with pd at 40. I am at this point chalking it up to sympathic symptoms or a father\son mimic type thing. Any thoughts?

  • Thank you for your responses, I have thought about this for a while. I think it is normal to feel empathy for our loved ones. It was a long grueling effort to get my dx, and we both wonered what was going on. After the dx I started to get some relief, not so sure about my wife. I think also she felt a little forgotten in all of that, which I regret. She is having some problems with nerves, carpo tunnel in both hands and arms, so I know it isn't just sympathy, but we are so used to looking at everything and I guess it makes everthing suspect. She does seem to have some of the problems I had, which would be pretty unusual in one household. Stress, kind of taking a backseat to my problems, and real pain, who knows, I don't think it is a conscienous thing, like sympathetic pregnance, men getting morning sickness, and even labor pains, it is a possibility. The other hard part is discussing it, and not seeming like trying to diminish what she feels is happening. I am greatful for the imput, but she has gone through for some of the testing I went through, all negative, hopefully it will stay that way. Many thanks and God bless

  • I too hope your wife is ok!!! I am having freezing in the feet and lower calves when I have to get up in the night and the disturbed sleep is driving me crazy.

    I have been tested for rhumatoid arthritis as my hands freeze too,,, my elbows and crooks of the elbows swell for no reason so have been having physio for that but not getting anywhere so thinking it is all just sympathy for the real sufferer!!! lol.. Who knows! not sure the professionals do either. Nice to hear from you all. Keep the info coming. Keep as well as possible all of you. Linda

  • I agree Carrigan

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