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A happy Island

I try to stay completely unattached in the illness community, as a general rule. What I mean is I am not a member of anything aside from this site. I don't wish to be aligned with any one view point, or purpose, I like my autonomy and my freedom. My island state is not born out of aloofness, nor a 'I'm better than', no its simply my way. I am better off dealing with things alone. On my own. Now to be strictly fair I have a small but great circle of PWP whom I discuss things with, share and comment. I need to check but I don't 'lean' so far I haven't needed too. I am here for everyone else and thats how I like it. My island is a great place, I pack my days with countless activities, I am diverse, a little too busy and always pushing. I have always been a positive 100 mile an hour person, PD makes me more focussed more driven more determined. I don't have a bucket list I have a life list and its never ending. I seek motivation, I actively find things to engage me. I rely on no one else for ideas nor to guide me. I believe everything I need to have a good life I have inside me, its up to me to switch myself on, and to stay bright. I guess I make a near perfect ill person. Currently, as I slow, as I loose dexterity, as I fumble, dither, and drown in the chaos of my inability to keep tidy, I am sharpening up my tolerance and patience reserves. I need them! As I look out from my island this morning I can see another island just in reach, and another, and another..... I'm in a chain. Alone and yet surrounded, and thats fine. I can always shout if I need something. I've just realised that there is no real purpose in this post, nor any kind of message. Its rather self reflective. And sometimes thats perfectly alright. Good morning from Scotland, have a kick ass week, and stay warm and dry, Oh and bake! its good for the soul x

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I think you have a great message and if it works for you then good luck to you. Greetings from snow covered Yorkshire . Yes baking is definitely good for the soul but not the waistline unfortunately, have to freeze most of it too avoid eating it all at once.Take care now x


It is only water that gives us the perception of isolation. Beneath the waves we are all connected.

Li Wun Der Koop 1921 - 1971


Oh no, never isolated.... thats very different!


hi colleen

a goood mornign to yho too from a snowed-in lancashire lass (originally from YORKSHIRE)

Yoru blogs are great they maek sense!

lol JIll



No man is an Island so they say, I can understand why it is easier to deal with illness alone or anything else. But beneath those waves often deep in the chasms we are all in some way connected to each other. The post makes perfect sense in we as individuals cope with what is dealt out to us in life.

What is good for the soul is getting into that baking bowl and kneading a lump of dough and giving it hell. The more hell you give it the better it is.

I think that reflects people. we can go through hell but come out the other side better for it.


I used to think your way H-H, but Parkinson has changed me. I am since I was a child a loner, I used to call myself, " a rebel". I liked it that way, I did everything myself, no one to answer to. Not that it a bad way but from my experience, I kind of like having different opinions and veiwpoints. This has been a recent change that I've notice. Yet I still like my island time, away from everyone. I guess it is goof maybe for a balance of both worlds, for me that is. I really like this blog site. It is sooo diverse in opinions. Don't know if this helps anyone....


Rebel, what a great word and a great state... I tried to be a rebel once and went off to do some 'punk' graffiti .... my plan was flawed as I wouldn't deface anything and insisted on silver glitter spray!!!! ha ha I am so 'rock cake n sausage roll' .....


I haven't joined anything either relating to PD but I love my PD exercise classes. Get to chat with other pwp's and work out. So much fun. It's great hearing from Scotland and other parts of the world. You'd think in the middle of New York City, I'd never feel alone but it's the best place to feel alone :D


Some geezser wrote a book all about how we are connected by no more than six acquaintances / friends etc.from any individual anywhere else in the world.

So any one of us is connected by no more than six links to any South American pygmy or Iindonesian tribesman or shopkeeper in Hounslow,

I've no idea how the author can demonstrate his ideas and it would be impossible to prove him wrong unless it turned out that finding at least one such chain that could not be made to contain 6 or less links.

I suppose one would have to read the book. Hey, perhaps one of us on this site has done so and could say a bit more about it?


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