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Just discovered a medical clinic that uses PMB/ Vielight

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If you've read any of my posts... you know that I've been skeptical of the cheap (under $500) red light/ PMB devices to treat PD.

However... I'm reading good things about Vielight:

DISCLAIMER: I have nothing to do with this company.

DISCLAIMER: Almost a year ago I posted here about Vielight. As I recall, I only got a few replies and one person wanted to SELL his Vielight to me. So I am not vouching for this product.

That said... check this out:



They have a clinic in Chicago and another in Boca Raton, Florida

Neither of those locations are close to me.

I'm going to do further research on who might offer this type of therapy in my area.



Over 130 international trials going on RIGHT NOW!

A 'MIRACLE CURE' is just around the corner!

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Led light penetration according wave

Led light penetration

understood and thanks for the post ... but the cheap $500 or less 'red light toys' do NOT have the power to pass through a 'hand' let along the thick bone of the 'skull'--------------------

you might want to watch this entire video to understand the science


The therapeutic wave to 810-940 nm is Not visible. Then you can't view that through hand.

What do you think about?

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Gioc in reply to Victor1975

I agree Victor, I thought the same thing.but another question comes naturally: If it passes through the bones could it be used in radiology? Perhaps, in my opinion, the mechanism of action is different, perhaps it concerns the blood more, maybe it slightly warms the brain and stimulates local autophagy, or perhaps it changes the emotional state of the person for the better (light has this effect). No one seems to know the mechanism of action or mistaken?

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the 'minimum' wattage required for red light therapy to drill 3 INCHES into our brain's substania nigra and basil ganglia (where our PD problems are) is 10 watts...------------

the cheapie red light toys are LESS than 1 watt...

but what some of the negative folks (against me) don't understand...

it is not the 'total number of lights' that determine the effectiveness or total wattage of the coronet duo (and similar cheap chinese and amazon knock-offs)....

it is both wattage... frequency... and 'fluence'

fluence is the scientific word used in the video above by the neuro researchers

it means that when the light finally arrives within our brain's problem area...

there has to be enough "fluence" (combined light properties) to sufficiently

stimulate the mitochondria

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Gioc in reply to PDWarrior1900

“What is “fluence”? Is it biology or physics? Is there a definition of fluence related to the PMB field?

You say :

“there has to be enough "fluence" (combined light properties) to sufficient stimulate the mitochondria”

Why not ? How was it calculated and on what phenomenon?

No video please , I have some difficulty in translating. Thank you.

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PDWarrior1900 in reply to Gioc

Definition of fluence

1 : the number of particles (such as photons or neutrons) incident on a sphere divided by the cross-sectional area of the sphere : the total number of particles per unit area with which a material is irradiated particle fluence.

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Gioc in reply to PDWarrior1900

Ok I understand the physics, but in a context of an in vivo human brain you can't overdo it without causing side effects. There can never be a laser flow passing through the skull in hight volume however sophisticated it is, because the skull was created precisely to protect. In my opinion, light stimulus as a function of signal with the exact wavelength is more important than the power of light flow.

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PDWarrior1900 in reply to Gioc

i'm not a scientist... just a PD warrior like all of us on this forum----------------------------------------------------------

I spend 1 - 4 hours ... every day... reading/ watching/ researching on PD


we all have to be our 'own doctor' and do the same thing


this is one of the very best videos i've ever watched on PMB

this lady (Dr Juanita Anders) hold 3 patents on brain research and she works for our DEFENSE DEPARTMENT!


she starts speaking at around 6 minutes -- don't be dissuaded by the 'technical stuff' because you will hear 'PEARLS of WISDOM/ KNOWLEDGE' throughout about PMB -- and a tiny bit about PD


It's over an hour... i strongly recommend you watch every second (starting at 6 minutes)



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LAJ12345 in reply to Gioc

There is a sweet spot like any drug or food. Too little won’t work, too much is like poison. The right amount is beneficial.

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LAJ12345 in reply to Gioc

If you can read Ari Whittens book it explains it very well in simple terms and has a lot of information .

and everybody forgets the most important thing about any of these red light devices (and that includes the one that sell for up to $10,000 -- like the cognitolite) ...

WHERE are the HAPPY HAPPY success videos from PD or Alzheimer patients???

The videos that are NOT edited... NOT sponsored by the manufacturer of these devices?

The 'closest' I've come to finding supportive video testimonials is on this medical clinic's website... and NONE of the testimonials are for PD!


There are over 130 international trials going on right NOW...


A 'MIRACLE CURE' is just around the corner!





infrared light at 1070nm passes through bone more easily than lower wavelengths. Bone's crystalline structure makes light pass easier than through mucosal skin than surface skin tissue which scatters the light. I sent you the paper on this from U. Bristol 2000 over a month ago.

I'm sure you're being sponsored by the company that manufactures vielight (despite your disclaimer)

The Coronet is NOT healing me of tremor or any other motor symptoms but it is healing me of my brain fog. Since I bought and started using it regularly, I feel I've been gradually improving cognitively

Coronet cost more than than $500. Many people who bought it have told you this several times but you refused to take that in. More so you're bent on destroying the brand of Coronet and similar red light gadgets by calling them toys. This is why I'm so sure you you're a sponsored mouthpiece

If you can't correct yourself for the price at least, which easy for you to verify, how can I trust or believe anything else you say.. And that's why I don't believe your disclaimer

and you're DEAD WRONG about any affiliation i have with Vielight

i just watched this interview last night with the co-founder of Vielight and an EXCELLENT (not a shill) interviewer who asked him TOUGH questions...

I'm not happy with most of his answer

just like ALL the red light devices... from the piece of junk coronet to the $10,000 cognitolite (the vielights run into THOUSANDS)...

there is almost NO support evidence for these devices for PD

PMB has good support for wound healing and pain relief...

i've had MANY POSTS on PMB... you just must have seen my first one on this today...

watch this video with the co-founder... of Vielight...

it's 10 months old... so i don't know if the trial of '200 subjects' is running yet, as he claimed it would be by the NIH... we'll see...


I'm not watching any of your videos anymore. If you can't read and fact check what others post, why should I waste my finite braincells your videos

yeah, i know.... you're not interested in 'truth' and 'learning'...

so i won't tell you about the nearly 45 minute phone call i just had

with a TOP NOBEL PRIZE winning neuro researcher about how to successfully treat my PD

best of luck to you grumpy

Would love to know about 45 minute call you mention with Nobel researcher regarding treating PD. Many thanks!

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LAJ12345 in reply to Grumpy77

My hubby swears the coronet is one of the things making him feel good too.

hey pal, glad to hear you're getting benefits from coronet...

despite the science i provided saying the light won't even penetrate a 'hand'

and as far as Vielight... I HAVE MY DOUBTS ABOUT VIELIGHT

can i write any bigger than that?

how about this?


Ari Whitten’s book on red light therapy is worth reading…The ultimate guide to red light therapy.He goes through how it works with many supporting papers and recommendations of the best products in his experience, as well as discount codes to use when buying some of them.

Also I heard a podcast some time back saying red light can energise mitochondria which can then travel around body between cells in the extra cellular matrix so I guess even if it doesn’t immediately penetrate the depth of the brain it can stimulate mitochondria which could then penetrate the brain?

Here’s one paper I found


“The release of mitochondria or mitochondrial components into the extracellular space has important immune consequences. After an episode of acute injury, release of mitochondrial components into the extracellular medium and bloodstream may trigger potent pro-inflammatory responses. In fact, mitochondrial components can be recognized by cells of the immune system as damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs) (Zhang et al., 2010; Galluzzi et al., 2012; West et al., 2015). Different mitochondrial proteins such as TFAM, together with other mitochondrial DAMPs like N-formyl peptides, mtDNA, cardiolipin or extracellular ATP, robustly activate the inflammatory response (Weinberg et al., 2015).”

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laglag in reply to LAJ12345

I have Ari Whittons book on red light and it has a lot of information in it. I haven't bought one yet but I keep thinking about it. It's just spending that much money along with the time if I'm not 75% sure it will work. 🥊

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LAJ12345 in reply to laglag

I rationalised it as being a once off expense. We have had it 2 years and use it twice a day . Compare to a supplement plus postage that you take every day and it doesn’t seem so bad.

Also I use hubby’s one too some times, I should use it more. So it can be shared.

And if you really don’t find it helps I imagine you can resell secondhand to someone for maybe 50% of purchase price.

My father waited 20 years and nothing happened and now I am waiting

Nothing gonna happen to us in this corrupted world

Why don’t they spend more money on research

Governments need to put more money for research

What is the use of 10 billion dollars Janes telescope

We are suffering

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LAJ12345 in reply to Rupa88

While waiting for the cure (which I don’t believe will come) you can help your body out by eating the perfect diet with lots of vegetables , fruit good protein, olive oil, not too much meat or dairy or alcohol, eliminating any toxins in your food(additives and allergens sugar seed oils) cooking utensils, air, water (with filters and purifiers) .Reduce medications to minimums

Exercise, aerobic, stretching, strength,

Test for deficiencies, infections, heavy metals

Reduce as much unnecessary stress as possible, but make sure you have a purpose in life. Try and maintain as much interaction with people as possible so you can talk a lot. Or even talk to a pet.

Make sure you have all the nutrients your body needs for all its enzyme processes eg vitamins, minerals

I think it is possible to wind back a bit of the damage and halt or at least slow down progression if you give your body all it needs and relieve it of any toxins. Not sure if brain cells and areas can be regenerated but some research says it might be able to happen.

I think progression is probably caused by mitochondrial decline, symptoms caused by deterioration in brain like accelerated aging which causes a snowballing effect of symptoms and medications and side effects and more medication….

You have to wind back that process and it it will be slow and hard initially.

A single chemical can’t cure you.

EXACTLY my thoughts! We just gave fricken "Ukraine" ... 60 BILLION dollars!---------------------------------

The ENTIRE amount spent on PD research last year???

Only about 250 million dollars.

Sorry to get political...

But if we were all 'LGBTQ' ...

Uncle Marxist Joe would come up with the dinero.... fassssssssst!

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