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“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.”

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Thought provoking quote from a woman with cancer who has a little chance of survival performing on AGT - is being happy a decision?


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If its a decision, its a decision that is made more complex by any condition (e.g PD) that messes with your mind, judgement, emotions and so on. The descriptions some people offer of how their condition (and PD is a good example) messes with their head - and im not just talking about dementia - makes it sound like deciding to be happy could be very difficult for some.

Thanks for posting. I saw her on AGT last night. It was beautiful and inspiring.

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I agree!


Yes, I saw her too . Very inspiring! I wish it were that simple to decide to be happy. Can’t hurt to try.....

Very beautiful and exciting, thanks Levod,-


In my opinion,

Happiness has a dynamic connotation, it is closely linked to the fundamental decisions of man called goals. The ability to achieve one's goals by overcoming barriers that are not insurmountable determines happiness (if it is easy it will not give you great and you will get bored, if the barriers are insurmountable you will experience failure, maybe). Parkinson's limits the ability a lot and sometimes we consider it and it becomes an insurmountable barrier for some goals, but not for all, so we can still be very happy. Old age also scales goals, but it is a more gradual process. So the point of view is to reformulate your goals so that they are achievable and we would still be happy. (do not think too much about those past that are now unreachable, life is now).

That got me crying... sounds like she has stage 4 metastatic lung cancer - a very low chance of survivability that claimed my mother's life. I'm glad Simon was able to gift her an extra boost of happiness. A paradigm shift may be needed to choose to be happy - courage, acceptance, and change in perspective a few can muster.

Amazing young lady with such inspiring message - brought tears to my eyes...

Yes brought tears to my eyes too and she had no one in the wings waiting for her. Brave young woman!

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Makes you wonder if she has any family :(

Beautiful. I agree with Giocas- life is now and not what was. You can be happy in your own skin and life. Accept the simple beautiful things and dont sweat the big stuff.

Live today tomorrow is a bonus.

I think it takes the cold clear truth that you are really about to die some day. The amount of time until that event does not matter. A full life of 100 years is over in a twinkling. Time flees and is gone before you realize and if you have spent all that time preparing for the future ,when things will be better and your goals will be attained then you missed it.

Happiness does not depend on your financial situation, health, length of life or things accomplished. It is just a frame of mind, and of course all those positive things like being rich can help make it easier to be happy, but if they are not there, their absence does not dictate that you will be unhappy.

No one said it was easy, but you can put the pain, disappointment, pity , anger and fear aside , and decide to be happy, and what does it cost you? .


We will be getting some butter- tarts today. Big ones that have some of the filling in the center that is still liquid and flaky crust and maybe raisins or pecans. I say this for a reason, some of you will die never having tasted a butter-tart. It is not the butterTart that makes you happy, it is being happy that allows you to get the tart. Be happy

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You are so right about fleeting time and keeping the right frame of mind. Have never heard of butter tarts though and had to look them up - those little treats do look delicious and should be on everyone's bucket list. Enjoy !

Her voice is beautiful! Thanks for sharing this wisdom…

It brought tears to my eyes. So inspirational and moving and really does help put one's own circumstances in perspective. Beautiful!!

This girl is either an extremist, so to speak... or an awakened soul. "In 1947, at age 68, Ramana Maharshi was suffering from cancer. When the doctors suggested amputating his left arm above a large tumor, Ramana replied with a smile:“There is no need for alarm. The body is itself a disease. Let it have its natural end. Why mutilate it? A simple dressing on the affected part will do.” "himalayanacademy.com/media/...

Thanks for sharing!

OMG! I cried. Then shared video with my coworkers (we provide home care for folks). Love this line "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy." Beautiful!

Yes, happiness is a choice. I achieve it at times, and at others not. But I have realized that I can choose and had that experience many times now.

The hardest thing isn’t choosing to be happy, but remembering that I can make that choice since I have a lifelong habit of not being particularly happy!

I have found that giving myself the love I always wished I had received is a practice that allows me to be happy. I talk to myself when I’m down (if I remember), I say “I love you, I’ll always be here for you”, “you can do this”, “you’re strong”, etc. I often cry at the thought of being loved unconditionally. This spills over into my relationships...and I feel happy.

I also practice gratitude. “Thank you for this life” especially anchors me. Each one of us is unique, special and beat the odds just by being born. Even a short life is worth being grateful for.

Happiness may be very different for different people! For me, I’m happy when I’m feeling love for myself and others, and can act from a place of kindness.

Isn’t she utterly mesmerising and beautiful? And that phrase “You can’t wait until your life isn’t hard anymore…..” literally stopped me in my tracks. What a girl.

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I quit watching that show years ago because my favorites never win but I've watched that clip a dozen times now.

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I’m with you Kaypeeoh but I now forgive the show a thousand times over for giving us Nightbirde

I saw it too! She’s very brave and inspiring!😊