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In Spite of Myself

I have pd now for ten years. During the first years, and seeing that the disease is spreading rapidly, I wanted to make a statement about who I am. In spite of myself and my pd, i took up tennis passionately and actually became better at it to the point where I was as good as some of the best in the community. To help find a cure, I participated in a clinical trial where gene therapy was to revitalize the injured or nonproductive cells in the brain to produce dopamine. Believing it was working, was easy, I was getting better at playing tennis. Even though I was being one dimensional. Then two things happen, that curtail my rise up the tennis ladder. First, stress took away from my game, and if anyone who wanted beat me they just had to get under my nerve. The second, was I fell, and knew it was that damn PD. There were excuses like every other time.This time I knew it was PD. to be continued

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It sounds as if u were doing a grear job fighting this monster don't stop. I.understand the stress keep fighting i have fallen alot get up fight. Fight fight fight. Remember u have pd it doesn't have u. If u could see how long it to write this fight


Hear, hear!


We all have to fight although there are times that I am so tired of not be able to move like I used to that I feel like throwing in the towel. I don't know what stops me, I guess my Tommy. He is my strength. :-) :-)

Hugs, Terri


So, are you still participating in the clinical trial? Do you nonetheless feel that gene therapy may turn out to be the answer for us?


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