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My Nursing Duties

One week ago my husband had surgery for a hernia problem. It went well and was only an "In and Out" procedure. I was appointed Nurse. Just thinking of that makes me want to laugh.. My Parkinson's Disease would have certainly kept me from obtaining the honor in any other situation, but being the only person in the house besides the patient I guess it is an automatic assignment.

Getting the patient up the stairs was a giant accomplishment. (for me too!)

A piece of advice: "Never give your patient a bell and say 'RIng this is if you need me'".

That would be like telling my dog to bark if he wants a treat! There would be barking all day long. hence bells ringing all day long.

My husband is an animal every morning. until he gets his coffee. You know the type, the half-closed eyes., the scratching of the belly,the hair straight up and the mumbling..

It was 7 A..M. and. I had been up most of the night, when I heard the bell.and a voice crying out, "COFFEE !".

Making it was a new adventure for me. . Our machine is about as big as a giant mixer, It has lights everywhere and more buttons than a space ship. IT has wake up time, cup sizes, desired temperature..enough to confuse any PhD.

The first attempt I didn't have the proper cup size and most of the coffee went on the floor The second time the coffee cup was filled to the brim. (good if you don 't have PD but "shaky" at best if you do.)I had a spoon and two packs of artificial sweetener to bring too

I started to go up the stairs around. 7:15.My husband got his coffee at approximately 7:40. I proudly presented him with...... a half a cup of coffee !


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LOL. Hope tomorrow is better.


LOL, just great




Why don't you get out your mixer and bake him a couple of cookies to go with his coffee. lol


Now there is an idea Ronn. I don't think I really belong in the kitchen.:)

BUT there is always hope.


And when you've done that I'll pop round for my bacon, eggs, tinned tomatoes on toast sausages, baked beans, fried bread extra toast, eggie bread, fried mushrooms and maybe some fried onion although I'm not sure about the onion, hash browns fried leftover boiled potatoes and a couple of mugs of tea Not forgetting the Orange juice and bowl of Frosties to start.

Be round in half an hour.


Have a seat Pete it may take a little while.!


Thanks. Probably several weeks - I don't even have a passport.


Thank you for having such a great sense of humor!

CJ :o)


loved this!


Laughs x


Love the story and can really picture it well. God Bless you both!


It pays to keep a sense of humour in all situations


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