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Who am I ?

Who am I ?

I wake up in the morning stiff and slow , who am I?

I take the medication that will get me steady on my feet ,who am I?

My body stars to unravel I am free from the pain I woke with, who am I?

I can head to the gym full of energy and strength not stiff and slow like earlier, who am I ?

It creeps up and catches us during the day and while we sleep at night, who is it?

It is Parkinsons that has joined me on this journey I am taking .

I am still the same old me full of life , hope and dreams the only thing I have to manage is that Parkinsons does not overtake me

I am still me I am hoping that Parkinsons will find away to get off at a station and let me continue on my journey to wherever will be my final destination

I am me and I am okay

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Very nice way to sum it up!


It's always there, like unwanted baggage. Don't you wish we could just leave it somewhere?


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