Platitude's, Please!

I need to purge some platitudes. Since being diagnosed with Parkinson's the things people say sometimes just blows my mind!

*But you look too good to be sick! I guess I better ugly up!

* The good Lord gives you no more than you can carry! No more, no more!

* Did you see a doctor? Huh!

* There's this magical plant in the for,,, stop right there, magical plant? Just what are you smoking?

* If you eat healthy and exercise...Hell!, I was doing that before I got sick!

* But you look so good! Damn! Hit me with that ugly stick again!

I'll add some more later! Feel free to add your own!

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  • So far have found it is better not to tell people that its pd. Those that dont know treat me as normalthose who know my diagnosis treat me like an invalid asking all the time Are you ok? And rushing to move chairs or help me on with my coat.

    Reading symptoms since ciagnosis seems to make them develop!

  • Nowt so queer as folks!

  • I love the magical plant one! I recently had to hang up on an old friend because she kept harping on it and I thought I would scream.

  • Yep I am forever being told how well I look....Can I borrow the ugly stick!!

    Had 2 really great pieces of advice:

    "Sleep with a bar of soap under the mattress" apparently helps with stiffness!!!!!

    and " try standing on one leg with your eyes closed" obviously dont stand on your parky leg!!!!

    Strange to say dont think either will help.....LOL

  • Can't say I've heard the soap or leg one. Both are sure to be under "Idiotic Platitudes"!

  • Mine was from my Sister, "Go swimming that will cure you!!" So all we need to do is go swimming and we will be cured lol lol

  • I love my neighbor but he can't resist giving advice. I called him to borrow a cup of potting soil for my plant that had tipped on the floor. "Wait for someone else to clean it up" ME: "No, it's good exercise for me." "Buy a DVD and do exercises." ME" I have a pile of DVD's I never use, I'm too busy trying to get my housework done." etc. Another friend was like: "Well, it (PD) is hereditary." ME: "I had the DNA analysis and I don't have the gene." "Well, then it must be psychological." ME (to myself): WTF! :D

  • p.d. dear friends, I love you, but just listen, wouldja?

  • They're just trying to be kind and caring and really don't know what to say, especially my friend who said, "Try running up and down the stairs. You probably need exercise".

    (We used to go to the gym but I stopped when I couldn't recover from fatigue after exercising.)

  • I don't feel comfortable about people refer to me as being "sick". Maybe technically it is an illness but I prefer to think of Parkinsons as a "condition" and not an illness.

  • So you've Parkinson's, so where was I? Can you .....

    So you've Parkinson's, so where was I? How can I ....

    So you've Parkinson's? You'll be OK, it's amazing what they can do nowadays .....

    So you've Parkinson's? Must be dreadful, I know how you feel when I had ...........

    So you've Parkinson's? I had a Great Aunt had that, had to put here in a home poor dear ..

    So you've Parkinson's? Must be dreadful, does he take sugar ....

    So you've Parkinson's? Must be dreadful, do you want to sit down ......

  • Just accept that most people that have not experienced any kind of loss, have no idea what to say! It's not their fault! They will learn the hard way if they live long enough, hardship in some form will hit everyone! Then they will learn! There has been times when I have just politely said, " I hope you never have to experience (whatever it is that you have), not to negate your life experiences, in your lifetime! Then you will know what it is truly like and not always think you have all the answers! Thank you for trying to help me in the best way you know how! ?????



  • I especially found this to be true when our daughter (only child) died in an auto accident! #1 was; you can have a another one! OUCH! NEVER say something like that to anyone! You cannot replace a child! Just say, "I'm so sorry for your loss." And then shut up!



  • I've noticed that people make comments to me about looking good. I don't know if it has anything to do with Parkinson's but it makes me wonder how I looked before.

  • I love the one from my family " just hold still, it can't be that hard".

    or " See I told you to go to college" That one kills me.

    I have made a good life working all over the country and college would have blocked PD?

    I don't think so.

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