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Bad Day all around!!!

Well, it is another of the really BAD days, but I don't think I can put all the blame on Parkinson's (shoot!!!) My son, who I love more than life itself broke his foot about 1 and 1/2 months ago, on the job. Because of the extreme pain, he partook of an illegal substance (ie smoked a little) and failed the drug test done by workman's comp. Today, he was fired from his job. Now he is looking for another job. All I can hope for is that the former employer does not pass on the information about the drug test.

I have not been sleeping well for the last two or three weeks, about 2 hours per night then up for 2-3 hrs then sleep in my chair for a short time. Consequently I do not feel like doing my yoga classes or pilates but I am forcing myself to go the 2 times weekly to pilates and at least 3 times to yoga.

Oh well, this too shall eventually pass. As long as my son gets better and is OK then I can deal with my stuff!!!

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Oh Sadiesadie, I`m so sorry to read of your troubles, these things are sent to try us but I`m sure your son will find another (better) job. Look on it as a new start for him, the first day of the rest of his life so to speak. Keep your chin up and stress levels down. PMA......Positive Mental Attitude. I wish your son a speedy recovery and good luck in finding another job.

Also I`m sending you a big hug to cheer your day and I hope you get a good nights sleep.

Hugs, hugs and more hugs

Andy :-)


Thank you so much!!!!! I sometimes need all the hugs I can get!!!


hi sadiesadie

yes i too hope your son finds another job and soon

and try and keep smiling

lol Jill



Hi sadiesaide

Sorry things are not going too well, will say one for you and yours, things tend to improve after bad patches so hope this will be the same in your case xx


Sadie, it is all part of life and living these awful bad patches we go through

and always come out the other end feeling better and relieved, then wonder why we worried so much.

I think much of life is a test in some way (as if someone else is pulling the strings) at least it is one of my Philosophies.

Your son will sort his own life out, he is young enough let him make his own mistakes and learn to grow from them.

I visit an old lady of 92 who does yoga, she can still get her legs round her neck

so dont give in as the hymn goes ''Fight the good fight''.


Hi Sadie hope things are better soon for both of you.Good to hear you are going at least a couple times a week to your classes,it will make you feel better.Keep on trucking!

Hugs are sent your way. :)


Sadie, I'm with Annie, et al, take care of your self and never give up on your son at the same time let your son learn from his own mistakes. I'm not in Alanon (but another 12 step) but I read the daily meditation from AlAnon and it really helps me deal with the PD, the kids, and the other ups and downs of daily life! :D


Thank you so much for all the words of encouragement and the longdistance HUGS!! It means more to me than any of you will evern know!! My son is dealing with this like a man, accepting that he messed up and not blaming anyone but himself!! And for myself, I am atteneding AlAnon meetings and trying not to worry too much. But I am a mother so-o-o-o-o!



What can I say.."We will never stop being parents"...but if there's anything that I've learned from being a parent to an "adult child" it is this.

(1) We can only give advice to them, (they may not listen and do as they want to anyway...but that's ok....Everyone has the right to make his own "mistakes." (That's the way they learn.)

(2) "Be there for them"...This does "not" your wallet "every" time they need money. They only "grow stronger" when they go through trials. (Just like everyone else).

(3) Pray for them.....More often than not, when the world "hits us in the head", we forget to pray. Ask God to protect them, forgive them, and help them "grow"..learning from their trials.

(4) Take care of "yourself"....Exercise your body, "as well as" your yourself as much as possible. This includes growing "stronger in your faith." (Let's face it, when all else fails...Who do we turn to?)


Thank you!!! I know in my brain what you say is true but my heart wants to argue!!

But I am trying , at least in doing #3 & #4.


HI Sadiesadie,

Awhile back our Senior Pastors father came to preach.One thing he said while preaching was"if you worry, you have no faith". So , when ever I get in my worry mode I hear his words & give it to the Lord in prayer, as you said you're doing. Hang on, all will be well!

Hugs, Loika



Presumably you were worried that the old employer would bad-mouth your son about the failed pee test in a reference?

I believe that employment law is fairly universal in the 'civilised' world, and certainly over here it is illegal to give a bad reference. The only hint that he can give would be in the question 'Would you employ him again?', by saying no.

Good luck



Thanks that relieves my mind!


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