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Listening to complainers is bad for your brain

This is the headline of an article in Inc. magazine that I thought might be worthwhile to be shared here. It talks about how complaining can wear on listeners, and even eventually cause brain-damage to them. It also makes a helpful distinction between complaining or just reporting bad news.

Whether you are the patient, the caregiver, or just someone sharing space with a complainer, or are complaining yourself, I thought this is something worth pondering.


Here's the link…

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Thanks, Michael!


Yes, I like number 2. "WHat are you going to do about it?"" Also need to be able to tell when I'm just complaining! :D


Thanks Michael.


Wow, lots of controversy on this one... Both sides have a point but I have to say I feel better when I am positive and don't complain... And if I one have a problem then I talk about it, do what I can about it, but not complain over and over .. it gets old and it really doesn't help, just brings me and others down.. Just my opinion.. Thanks for the post it was very interesting.


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