Is there any help after a shopping addiction while on Mirapex?

I was on Mirapex for about 9 months, and ran up about $30,000 due to shopping addiction. I've been off of it for about 6 months and just now getting to where it isn't a daily struggle. Does anyone know if there is legal recourse for this side effect? The doctor did warn me of possible OCB. But have to admit, wasn't expecting that! Going a little nuts with finance worries now, which in turn is affecting my parks symptoms... I think I am doing well keeping a well adjusted outlook, but have to admit the finances bring me down a lot more than the diagnosis of parks. Also, my husband hasn't been too understanding about this. I have gotten a full-time job and gone into credt counseling, but it's still quite a worry. Wow, that felt good to get that off my chest!

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  • I have been where you are, well, I guess I still am there, only the shopping has stopped. There is legal recourse. A joint action law suit you can join. google "compulsive shopping and mirapex law suit" and you are sure to find a lawyer or group of lawyers willing to help you.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks for the info. Much appreciated!

  • I am on another dopeamine product. The shopping addiction is not the worst of my problems ,but get with by doing this.

    1. When I shop a buy small cheap but quite often ir

    items needed or at least usfeful. Sometimes Dollar store stuff or Walmart. Quite I put the stuff I dont really need in the basket and then take it out after I carried around the store! That quite often satisfiies the "urges to shop".

    3. I keep the receipt and bring it home and end up taking it back! A combination of those things keep my spending down nowl Yesterday I returned $ 50 safe I though we needed!

    When my wife asks me to go the store for a loaf of bread and carton of milk, its not odd that ai will come back with over a hundred dollars worh of food and stuff. Most of the time we use and but somethimes it wastes!

  • Thanks for the advice! Going to try it!

  • I went to 50k in debt on Mirapex. OCD to the max. Shopping without control. Get off the

    Mirapex and talk with your physician at once! That $ gone was like water through my hands. It was a bad drug for me and I do not suggest that anyone use it.

  • I realized after about 9 mos. what was going on and saw my doctor and got off it right away. I'm on a different med now, but...damage done. Considering I never had OCD problems before that med, was quite a surprise when it hit so hard. I would advise everyone to beware, scary stuff!

  • My hubby on it and is not a problem to him really but I do notice he does have slight impulses on buying power when meds working in full flow, I try not to interfere but sometimes have to stop him buying, Like all these drugs different effects on different people, do we get the advise we need to cope. Good luck hope something that suits you turns up x

  • I think it's great you intervene when needed. I wish someone would have done that with me!

  • Thank you all for your encouraging words! It is very much appreciated, plus talking with people that understand this nuttiness. Also nice to talk with people about this and not get judged. Kind of a freeing feeling!

  • My addiction was gambling after I was placed on Mirapex. I was on it before the compulsive behavior side effect warning. I lost everything and was homeless for six years until a psychiatrist treating me for suicidal ideations took me off the Mirapex.

  • Well, they say if a group of people put their problems in a paper bag and placed them on a table, everyone would go home with the same problems. There is always someone with more serious problems. Thank you so much for sharing. Doesn't make me feel like such a freak any more.How are you doing now?

  • Been doing well since stopping Mirapex. Got my life back, worked for a few years while able. I am married. Life is as good as a PDer could expect.

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