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It sucks !!

It sucks having Parkinson's and being Italian I can't use my hands when I talk my voice is low , ok if I was Mr. Brando in the Godfather lol ! Im not the bad ass I used to I can't fight my way out of a wet paper bag ! I dont have a wife anymore for my Italian style love making , I don't have a job to get the lastest clothing , I can't do my John Travolta walk or dance moves !! ! Boy I hope they find something quick before I get too old !!! Lol

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I agree with you... the only thing left is to get a hold of ourselves!


But you are still you!

No matter how much the physical bits deteriorate

you obviuosly have not lost your sense of humour

always try to keep that.

It is one of the things that keeps me going.

Kindest regards


right attitute....


I love your attitude.


haha I hear you! Gotta keep dancin! My hand gestures are over the top now if I am in a meeting and have had a little caffeine ! Oh boy-- my kids complain I overdramatize -- it's the PD :D


actually I think it's the meds


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