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still waiting!!!!

Access to work did their bit, made all their recommendations. My employer has agreed to purchase everything they suggested, but I'm still waiting!!!!!.

It is the IT department that holding everything up, they've checked my computer is suitable for the Dragon software, but still haven't done anything it after a month or so.

My boss keeps chasing them up and it just gets transferred to their procurement department and then nothing happens.

Very frustrating, where do I go from here?

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Hi c

I am using the Prologuetogo ( apple) app


It will b great when my speech is not there

And am getting familiar with the iPad




Hi Caroline, I see you work for a Local Authority as I did for 40 yrs. Apparently they are notorious amongst occupational health departments & providers for not honouring their commitments to employees. This non-compliance can be dressed in many guises so that one arm of an authority almost always blames another for holding up the process etc etc. I hope your needs get met soon: I'm afraid to say mine never did.


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