Does anyone else shout out in their sleep?

I have always had dreams and can remember most of them, but just recently I have started talking and shouting in my sleep. My husband says I speak quite clearly, but strangely enough I can never remember what these dreams are about.

I assume that this something to do with meds but have been unable to find anything relating to this in the instructions. I am on Stalevo and Requip XL.

On the other hand, it could be down to Parkinsons messing with my sleep pattern. It messes with almost everything else!!

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  • I am talking and shouting and evev screaming in m y sleep. It started before diagnose, so Ithink it isn´t the medicines, it is tehe disease. My sun says, I am shouting every night, Sometimes I wake up to my own scream. My male-friend says I'm talking a lot and I sometimes laugh and sometimes am angry and eveb swear sometimes. That is quite odd.

  • Like Odette i often talk,shout and have sworn whilst asleep, and have no recollection of the dream. I used to be a Staff Trainer for a mental health charity and my husband said that one night I delivered a whole workshop on Social care whilst fast asleep - he even said he found it interesting! One night I woke up in the process of throwing a coffee mug across the room - just missing the tv -yet the frustrating thing is that my arm freezes if I try to throw anything deliberately.

    Conversely I often have very vivid and wonderful dreams and I can sometimes go to bed the next night and pick up where I left off! Fortunately I don't seem to have memorable nightmares. I don't mind the 'sweet dreams' at all but am glad I don't recall who I was swearing or shouting at..

  • I also have shouted, yelled, ranted and woken myself up. Then I wondered....what if next time I sleep walk? I wonder if I could walk better than the anti-normal, "Tim Conway Shuffle" is what I call it. Hahaaa!

  • I haven't shouted lately, but having been married for over half a century, I'm told I sometimes mumble faintly, "Yes dear", "No dear", "Right away, dear".

  • I have been married quite a lot longer than that, but probably still mumble similar things! Often under my breath. Apparently the things I shout are not directed at my nearest and dearest though.

  • Hi, yes my husband shouts out very loudly now in his sleep, fearfully mostly as if being attacked. He does hit out at myself sometimes, thats why we have had to get a bigger bed. He has had PD for 18yrs now but it has only been a problem this past 5-6yrs. He also has stalevo and mirapaxin, not sure what the cause is but we cope now in the big bed. I sometimes however cant find him. Such is the nature of the disease. He tends now though to remember his dreams which he never used to, although I have always been able to recall some of my dreams. Babbling on hope it might help if not its nice to share. bye bye for now.

  • yes i rant and shout last night i was totaly out of it, but i cant remember


  • Myhusband talked in his sleep so much that we had to put him in another bedroom. Mostly though he seemed to be fighting with someone and often lashed out. These actions are so the opposite to the type of man he is. He would never fight with anyone. I just have to accept that it is the parkinsons that makes him do this sort of thing. Joan

  • Yes, I have been known to scream loud enough to wake myself. I feel so bad for my poor husband for I know I have nearly scared him to death on more than one occasion.

  • I don't but my daughter who has TBI does. Ever had a concussion or head injury?

  • Not as far as I know. Only the usual childhood bumps. Nothing serious,

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