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Has anyone experienced, or known of any PD patient with an impulse control disorder? My problem is skin picking.

Has anyone experienced, or known of any PD patient with an impulse control disorder? My problem is skin picking which began about 6 months ago concurrent with an outbreak of some kind of dermititus. I have gone off Mirapex. added 200mg of neurontin as well as an anti-anxiety drug - all to little avail. I have had 2 serious staph infections and the dermatitus has spread from scalp and nose to my chin and ears.

What's more -- and here's the really weird stuff -- I can feel things under my skin that cannot easily be physically verified, such as hard substances in different shapes ("pins," "cones," and "disks"). These hard shapes are seemingly invisible to others but after I pull them out they can be sensed tactiley by an independent observer when wrapped in a tissue. I also sense "roots" leading away from the primary sites to propagate new sites like my left ear. These "roots" also seem to lie just under the skin and be filled with a gelatinous substance not unlike cooked spaghetti. No one can palpate the "roots" and only my husband has felt what is inside but he interpreted what he felt as dry skin. Everyone thinks I am experiencing a delusion.

I am desparate to alleviate this condition. Besides being repellant, I am alienating my family and caregivers by persisting in picking. Formerly an extroverted socializer, I barely go out and just a few close friends visit. The only thing that interrupts the picking overnight or for 3-6 hours (once it has reached a certain level) is being shamed into a crying jag. I am now trying a meditation to interrupt myself before I reach the point of "no return."

I have idiopathic PD akinetic rigid syndrome (to the best guess of my neurologist); diagnosed in 2008 but have been in the highest percentile for rate of decline since. Sorry this is so long but I wanted to include all the details and as I said, I'm desperate.

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What meds are you on? If an agonist it may explain the OCD of it. I do know a woman in my PD Alexander Technique who developed an internal itch like you describe. I'll ask her. Take care!


PD gave me exema (dry skin) on my back and it itches during dry weather. I was prescribed a steroid cream fluocinonide that keeps it in check. Good luck getting a doctor to believe you that it is your PD that is causing this.


I have the exact same problem with compulsive skin-picking, and it's awful! It's gotten worse since I was diagnosed with PD. I just found some interesting information about how a daily dose of Liposomal Glutathione, an antioxidant, has been effective in treating skin-picking compulsion AND overall PD symptoms.

I'm gonna give it a try - 500mg a day. Here are links to a few articles:




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